N.B. CREST is suspended indefinitely and inoperable, as of 27 June 2018 - see Cashmere-News-Diary-28Jun2018

Cashmere Community Response Plan 25June2015

Cashmere Community Response Plan
civil preparedness - by our community, for our community

Having water, food, a gas barbeque or camping cooker, torch, radio, dry clothing and warmth to last you for at least three days in your home is recommended. Ref. http://www.ccc.govt.nz/homeliving/civildefence/bereadygetthru.aspx. Include food for any household pets.

With city council support, arrangement has been made to open a community emergency hub if required. That is, if you don't have supplies or are cold or need assurance, or can't reach someone located elsewhere, please go to Cashmere Presbyterian Church Centre, corner of Macmillan Avenue and Dyers Pass Road; phone 332-7129. But don't go out (in snow e.g.) unless you really have to - stay safe.

The signal that the hub is opening will be if our hill access roads close or electricity supply is lost, for an extended period (six hours / two or more mealtimes), or a civil emergency is declared. We are able to work together and resolve any request for help from the hub location: safe shelter, First Aid, a hot drink, transport, coordinating volunteers, communication, food and door-knocking.

Look out for each other, especially the most vulnerable.

Cashmere Community Response statement March 2015

Note: CREST - the Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team - was formalised to embody a Cashmere community response plan, at Cashmere Church on 25 September 2013. Monthly CREST committee meetings had begun, and the first draft notes towards a Cashmere Community Response Plan were shared 30 April 2014. From ongoing revision, the Plan was then agreed operative by CREST committee on 25 March 2015 - it forms an ever-evolving response manual that we collaboratively develop and share with relevant authorities. The Plan core is summarised in the 2015 graphics produced above.
From its inception, CREST has enjoyed the support of the Rotary Club Of Cashmere as well as from CCC CDEM support staff. Thank you very much for this critical assistance.

Instances of Cashmere local emergency response:
20Jun2013 Emergency News - email to CRA subscribers - CREST plan initiation - snow
15Feb2017 Emergency News - email to CRA subscribers - CREST plan activation - fire

FYI, e.g. there is also an "Aranui and Surroundings Districts Emergency Community Response Plan" written there - see 'ACTIS' : actis.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/Emergency-Response-Plan-booklet.pdf - and the Sumner Community Disaster Response Group

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