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Cashmere News Diary: 12 July 2013 - Mid-winter Gathering, Newsletter, NZ Constitution Conversation

* 13 July, Saturday, deliveries begin of the CRA July Newsletter. Maps and bundles available from Leona's porch in the afternoon. If you can help with delivery of 75 or so near home, please reply or phone Leona on 337-2051.

* 21 July, Sunday 2pm-4.30pm, Cashmere Mid-winter Gathering at St Augustine Anglican Church, 5 Cracroft Terrace - Election debate: Constitutional Review - local candidates for council, community board or mayor, should tell us what is important in the review for residents of Cashmere and Spreydon-Heathcote ward, and why; afternoon tea, wine and snacks provided. Some background information on the significant theme is in our July Newsletter.


* Civil Defence is looking for a team of volunteers who will become our ready-responders, with a local hall cup of tea, contact point and reassurance, in the event of emergency. Contact CRA Chair if willing to help please.

* Thank you Clements Estate for sponsoring wine at the Cashmere residents' meeting.

* CRA Subscriptions 2012/13 - Association membership and renewals, at the household rate of $5 per year, can be made via our Kiwibank a/c 389005.0688810.02 ~ Please notify deposit by email, for confirmation by our Treasurer, and a receipt will be issued if requested:

Until next time, thank you to our helpers and enjoy the weekend.

Kind regards

Rik Tindall

CRA Chair, 332-1069

Cashmere Residents Association (CRA)

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