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Cashmere News Diary: 12 October 2018 - ShakeOut etc.

* 13 October, Saturday 10am-1pm (wet or fine) - Plantarama plant sale at Cashmere Presbyterian Church, 2 Macmillan Avenue - Plants, pots and a sausage sizzle, EFTPOS available, see advert: Plantarama, 13 Oct 2018

* 18 October, Thursday 9.30am - New Zealand ShakeOut - annual emergency preparedness awareness day - see and MCDEM letter below.

* 18 October, Thursday 7pm - Cashmere Residents' Association Annual General Meeting - see belated newsletter in your letterbox.

* 21 November, Wednesday 9:15m - Cashmere Residents' Association back in district court, third Disputes Tribunal hearing..

Notices / updates

* Keep sending in your Cashmere area news for distribution please.

* Predator Free Port Hills pest trapping - is going well, thanks to everyone taking part. Subsidised traps are still available. See for news and contact / for help.

* Letter via Neighbourly - Hello Rik
18 October is an important day for all residents of Cashmere. In fact it's an important day for all New Zealanders...
Do you have an idea of what you would do if an earthquake were to strike today in Cashmere? Does your family or your workplace have a plan for how they will respond?
All of New Zealand is at risk of earthquakes and all of our coastline is at risk of tsunami. We can't predict when they will happen, but we can definitely take steps to protect ourselves and our family.
I wanted to get in touch with you today to let you know about our national earthquake drill and tsunami hiikoi. More than 600,000 New Zealanders have already signed up to take part in this year.
New Zealand ShakeOut is being held at 9.30am on 18 October. It's a chance for your school, business, household or organisation to practise the right action to take before, during and after earthquakes and tsunami.
Whether you're a household, business, organisation or school, you can sign up to take part and find information on how to plan your drill, and how to hold a tsunami hiikoi if you're in a coastal region.
If you haven't already made an emergency plan with your household, check out and work it out today.
We look forward to shaking out with you!
All the best,
Sarah Stuart-Black
Director of Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management

* Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team (CREST)

The Cashmere community response plan drafted by CREST is the only one we know of that has ever been made here - - The test of this plan on Sunday 18 February 2018 showed what must come next to develop it. We have capacity to coordinate all Cashmere volunteer Neighbourhood Support street groups, in an emergency, so the question now is: What is preventing this? (See and

The 2010-11 Canterbury earthquake sequence taught us lessons we would much rather forget, but science tells us a magnitude 8+ earthquake on the Alpine Fault is possible within the lifetime of everybody reading this. It could happen any day soon (within 30-40 years). Are we prepared for it yet? We have had extensive warning. This will be the most destructive natural disaster that colonised Aotearoa New Zealand has yet experienced, and there are significant North Island geological hazards that threaten too. (See, and
Stay informed guide What would you do? guide

Resources will be stretched very thin in a major disaster, and it is up to communities to help each other through the very first stages of devastating shock. Every household should have its emergency plan, but community organisations can play an important part in effective response too. So what is standing in the way of competent, shared preparedness?

In Cashmere, the Presbyterian Centre kindly offered its newly upgraded premises as a Community Centre, then as an emergency hub for use by Cashmere community. And so, with interest shown by the Cashmere Residents' Association for us all, CREST response planning began in 2013. But the 18 Feb18 community lunch exposed a half-empty promise, yet to be made real. It is with great sadness that, for Cashmere emergency preparedness to take shape, the following public menaces require notification and appropriate remedies: Silvia Purdie, Kristin Hoskin, Leona Murahidy.

1. Silvia Purdie. The new minister at the church agreed the 18 February CREST plan test date, but by the day had done her level best to cancel it; after appealing for the $300 event catering budget to become $1400 in the church's hands, non-negotiably; after we had booked (so to later have to pay for) use of the church kitchen and hall (as rainy day venue). How does that work - owner's privilege? Also agreeing 18 February response day, to later abandon it under Mrs Purdie's influence, was Gavin Burn, Cashmere Primary School Principal. The CREST event had been intentionally diminished and most CREST collaboration broken. Mrs Purdie's arrival in Cashmere seems to have brought with it resolve to shove local community aside, for her to lead a church organisation-based emergency response in CREST's stead. (But not having lived through 2011 here, what would Mrs Purdie know about us?) Superiority complex. So we see diverging 'spatial awareness', that council funding support has been diverted from the community for the church to run a Cashmere Carnival on Cashmere Green this month - as replacement for CREST's once-permitted event. Inside this mesh the very dirty politics are revealed, the quid pro quo where money flows to reward support for Labour corrupt domination of city council, and so over communities, via pocket institutions. No 'CREST'-style community response can happen without direct Labour Party control over it, or so its advocates wish everyone to believe.

2. Kristin Hoskin. A private contractor of the city council in the area of Health and Safety etc. New to the Cashmere Residents' border area, and committee from last year's Annual General Meeting, Ms Hoskin immediately made it her business to derail CREST and all of its proceedings, including the residents' association itself. Is now presented as holding "Emergency Response" portfolio for the Association but does nothing obvious to that effect; a business owner in the field of agency advice, has enormous conflict of interest and destruction to answer for. Cancelled the 18 February event permit with CCC, with misinformation and no authority. Is holding Cashmere woefully unprepared out of her own professional interest, and, it seems, Anglican affiliated competition. How can Ms Hoskin, who does not live in the formal Association area, degrade services and determine expenditures of which she has no part or history in developing? The relationship to the Murahidy family needs explaining.

3. Leona Murahidy. Labour Party activist who, for very selfish personal reasons, pulled Cashmere Residents' Association out of CREST, the 18 February response event and the Red Cross project resourcing them. Disposed of community hub generator and water tank fund, for her own twisted reasons. Used extreme duress to claim control over Association committee meetings (in her private dwelling) to cover up dishonesty and place her partner, Ralph Roden, as Association Acting Chair. Fomented a crisis for the Association, as an expression of Cashmere community's own, to further develop private committee commercial interests in: heritage buildings, second-hand cars, book publishing, native plant propagation and etc. Late notice of this year's Association AGM is just the latest constitutional breach, by Ms Murahidy's captive parlour committee. Sponsored meat and wine supplies are the lure that keeps them all there? Will not face Cashmere community, in the Presbyterian hall as has been custom of many years, for AGM 2018 - but instead retreats to the parasites' lair, the Community Boardroom so owned by Labour, in defence of autocratic iniquity. May continue duress over who can be an Association participant, by this means, further implicating the Labour masters of Cashmere community preparedness decline. It must be pointed out that in this very boardroom, in 2015 Councillor Clearwater heatedly attacked CREST as a community response matter "too important" to be left to Association volunteering. It is no irony that Mrs Clearwater will control financing of 'CREST'-like activity, through a new Labour-Presbyterian committee at the church. The community is being actively prevented from standing on its own two independent feet.

Which leaves having to look after ourselves and our own - the main civil defence message in preparing for an emergency. Cashmere is generally well-resourced and households can do this, but there are still those within our community who will inevitably need a helping hand sometimes. And so we press on with Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team coordination, and with striving to have Cashmere Residents' Association back where it belongs - leading a modest CREST emergency response for our community, that builds upon effective Neighbourhood Support. This depends on having the public menaces to Cashmere community suitably restrained. Their selfish, status-seeking lack of professionalism has been astounding. The comfort of being well-resourced is a privilege, not license to deny it to others under any circumstances.

Petty, malicious dishonesty do not pass for governance principles in Cashmere or anywhere else, and Labour-sourced Residents' Association lying and duress are unacceptable and answerable to the world. Kia ora.

Stay safe, enjoy the stormy, pest-free spring.

Ngaa mihi,

Rik Tindall

Cashmere area coordinator, Neighbourhood Support

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