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Cashmere News Diary: 14 May 2013 - Cashmere Residents Association (CRA) council submissions, cont'd

Kia ora koutou. Today:

* 14 May, Tuesday 12-6pm, TV3's 'EQC Caravan of Complaint' / enquiry is interviewing on the grass verge outside PMH on Cashmere Road, by Opawaho/Heathcote River, here: from 12 until 6pm today. Thanks to John Campbell & team. Have your say.

* 14 May, Tuesday ~3.30pm, CRA oral submission on the draft Christchurch City Three Year Plan, Council Chambers at Hereford Street. Attendance is invited:

Rate setting & asset retention:

Cashmere residents have shown an overwhelmingly endorsement of the City Council policy of retaining its commercial assets, for restraining rate rises in the future, in funding its part of the city rebuild; which is to say that CRA supports the Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board position on this.

Community facilities:

CRA supports the initiative for a local community facility to be built in the old pump house next to the CCC Beckenham Service Centre, and would make use of it once established.

Traffic management:

CRA supports the initiative to create a Cashmere Forest Park, for control of vehicle misuse on the Port Hills roads and to facilitate walking and biking track growth. Also, traffic decongestion measures for Cashmere Road, at its major intersections at Dyers Pass and Hackthorne roads at the hill, are something we have long lobbied for: safer laning, turns and possibly traffic lights please. A roundabout at Hackthorne/Cashmere Rd intersection may be the most suitable layout.

Heritage & tourism:

CRA would like to adopt the Sign of the Takahe as a focus area, as our contribution to the recovery of tourist trade in the city. We wish to see a timetable for the Takahe's repair and to work with the Council on Cracroft Reserve maintenance.

Waterway health:

CRA wishes to see a program for major reduction of sediment pollution in the Opawaho/ Heathcote River, and a report on the same.

Civil defence community plans:

CRA requests specific support for residents' associations to coordinate creation of local community plans, around each emergency hub operable in their area, for widespread and effective civil defence preparedness.

Community Gardens resilience:

CRA assists with the Sydenham Community Gardens at 188 Strickland Street and wishes to ensure that this facility is safeguarded as a key component within the Sydenham Master Plan.


* 7 May, Tuesday - a win for Cashmere Road residents, in stopping obstructive build-outs for inefficiently aiding to/from school pedestrian crossing in front of their homes and driveways, that would have significantly reduced greenspace user parking. Just in time, Dave Williams and a representative team were able to point out to S-H Community Board that a rebuild of the river bridge between Barrington St and Fairview Street had started, shifting the pedestrian route to/from the bus-stop to Cashmere High (just four stops per day). Another case of broken communiation within council, fixed by residents. Read the Observer story, 13 May page 1, here: Well done Andrea, Dave and the resident team!

* 13 May, Monday ~3.30pm, CRA made its oral submission on the Environment Canterbury regional council Draft Annual Plan 2013/14. CRA supports the initiative to restrain rate rises but is very concerned that the monitoring of sediment pollution of the Opawaho/Heathcote River may have become a city council (development) responsibility. Does this mean that the ECan Pollution Hotline is losing resource? CRA has asked ECan for a report and action to improve this valued river's water quality, soon, to support Beckenham residents' (BNA) longstanding campaign for waterway improvement in the area. Picture of mixed water quality where Cashmere Stream joins the Heathcote, taken this day (not after very recent rain) here:

* SCIRT current work plan for Hackthorne Road stormwater drain repair: pdf file attached.

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Until next time, enjoy the change of weather and keep warm.

CRA is here to assist in every way that we can.

Kind regards

Rik Tindall

CRA Chair, 332-1069

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