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Cashmere News Diary: 15 May 2018 - General Meeting, SGM

Greetings all Cashmere Residents' Association members. A very warm welcome to our new members and email subscribers; for these, all the attached documents are new.

* 16 May, Wednesday 7:30pm - Cashmere Residents' Association (CRA) General Meeting at Cashmere Presbyterian Centre hall, 2 MacMillan Ave - background to this meeting:

There is one major item of outstanding business to resolve, from the last CRA Annual General Meeting of October 2017. As the Chair in service for that event, I have responsibility of seeing it through to conclusion. Lack of Secretary support (providing a written agenda) and a change in church personnel (removing the whiteboard from the hall) undermined our 2017 AGM. This now has to be remedied. Our report to the Companies Office, the Registrar of Incorporated Societies, must be approved by a General Meeting before it can be sent; with a 19 June deadline for completion of this, the May CRA General Meeting date has been set and long-advertised for the processing.

As well as meeting formal obligations, the report is of great value to CRA members currently. Once we have on record where our finances were standing (and for what purposes) at close of last financial year - 31 August for CRA - we then have ability to ask exactly what has happened with all of the Association finances since. To be very clear, this asset base was built up steadily, over the past 23 years, in Cashmere West predominantly.

New business to consider may come from the floor. Twenty paid up members are enough to make the meeting deliberative and authoritative.

Here is the map from our Association Constitution, showing the area we cover as Hackthorne and Dyers Pass Roads down to Cashmere Road and all streets leading off this triangle as far as Merlewood Ave ('the Hill', or Cashmere West):
CRA Constitution 1995 p2
Liberally, we have been providing newsletters and coverage east of this area towards Huntsbury Hill, assisting earthquake recovery etc. for Cashmere East (also west as far as Shalamar Drive, in agreement with the Cracroft Residents' Association). But now we face a very difficult choice. It is whether we are able to assist all of the wider area (giving due representation on CRA Committee) and still have the Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team (CREST)* to develop a community response plan and infrastructure at the Cashmere Presbyterian Centre, that's been going the past five years. We can no longer have both, on current performance; there has proven to be 'not enough room at the inn' amongst CRA relating to CREST, because the project funding secured from Red Cross last year to resource CREST has largely been diverted and sent back(!?) - under Committee mis-leadership, affected from the east.

As coordinator for the CREST initiative, the plan has been to work with the Cashmere East communities, to develop a response hub near to and just for them: based either at St Augustine's Church, Thorrington School, Landsdowne Community Centre or the Centaurus Road Plunket rooms - because that is the limited range of public meeting spaces this large population area has directly available to them.

The CREST-1 initiative at Cashmere Presbyterian covers the Cashmere Primary School zone; a CREST-2 for Thorrington Primary School zone would have been the next step - if representation from that area had not just demolished most of the CREST relationships, for an undeclared reason. Some CRA representation from Cashmere East has been so bad since AGM, so very damaging, that potentially none of the Association Committee will be able to continue this year. The Association itself could be put into recess, potentially, under complaint.

So the vote rests with you, Cashmere (Hill) community, over the pressing choice: emergency hub work now, or a broader and more united Cashmere East/West democracy within CRA. The latter has this year become enormously challenging.

And while we are waiting upon the turnaround for Cashmere East resilience and some restored help for Neighbourhood Support, Valley Road residents are still waiting to hear what the CRA Committee will do for them - to support their worried resistance to a gang distribution pad recently set up in their midst. This issue will be properly aired on Wednesday night too. Looking forward to seeing you there.

The documents from the previous News Diary are attached again, including the 31 August 2017 CRA bank statement for the balance figures to be matched against: 2017-Sep-01_Business-p1.jpg. Full audit of the CRA accounts is due for the coming October AGM, but if a quorate General Meeting lacks confidence in any of the reporting attached, it may request one sooner. Please print and bring along any documents that you have questions on.

Attached also are: 1. the Red Cross project application that CRA was granted funding from, to enable us to manage two project descriptions for six months from August 2017 (marked * & ** below) - the two files Application-form-$8000-Cashmere-draft3-180817.pdf and Southwest-Newsletter-Grant-Application-Form-Cashmere-draft2-210817.pdf, and; 2. our October 2017 AGM reporting that includes the Red Cross project - the two files CRA-Annual-Accounts-2017.pdf and CRA-Treasurer's-Committee-Report-9.17.pdf

* 23 May, Wednesday 7:30pm - Cashmere Residents' Association Special General Meeting (SGM, provisional arrangement, to be confirmed) at Cashmere Presbyterian Centre hall, 2 MacMillan Ave - a petition has been lodged with CRA Committee, requiring that an SGM be held by Friday 25 May, "to hear the CRA Committee report on its current work and performance for our community".


* Job offer - Local opportunity for a person to walk a dog at lunchtimes, border collie pup called Fletcher :-) Phone Hilary 332-4440
Fletcher May 2018

* Cashmere Yoga classes - space available in the Friday morning class due to a few regulars wintering overseas. The class is going really well with great dedication and progress from participants. Contact details are: PH or text 0220125005 Email - Thank you for your support, Dakota

Stay safe and warm, a happy late autumn to you all. Take care.

Kind regards


Chair for CRA at 2017 AGM, since 2012, to early 2018


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