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Welcome Cashmere residents, to our local e-newsletter - Cashmere News Diary: 16 March 2013

* 18 March, Monday 7.30pm, Cracroft Community Centre AGM is being held at the Cashmere Bowling Club in Valley Road. Council's program for repair of The Old Stone House will be outlined. We wish Cracroft residents good progress for the months ahead.

* 20 March, Wednesday 7.30pm, Cashmere Residents' Assn committee - call or email us for details if you'd like to join in the fun. Raise any community issues you have, with us.

* 22 March, Friday 4.30-7.30pm, Cashmere Market, location unknown, but hot on the heels of the popular Cashmere Church Fair today. Poster-shots attached.

* 4 April, Thursday 3.30-7pm, draft Christchurch City Three Year Plan drop-in session, Beckenham Service Centre Community Boardroom, 66 Colombo Street. Ref.

* 30 March 6 & 27 April, Saturday 3 to 4 pm 4 to 5 pm, Ernle Clark Reserve Working Bee, Thorrington (last Saturday of each month except holidays) - contact 03-337-1256 for more details. Cashmere residents have had an important part in creating Ernle Clark Reserve, with prominent contributions from Cashmere. An old Paper Road runs along the riverbank from the end of Ernlea Terrace and joins Cashmere Road Reserve, near the barrier at the end of the Reserve. In the 1970's a number of neighbours adjacent to the Road Reserve had fences that were built to the rivers edge. Keen mountaineer and walker Deryck Morse lived in nearby Purau Terrace. He also spent most of his working life in the Lands & Survey Department and had a thorough knowledge of land and its legalities. At that time an employee of the Ministry of Works and a staunch advocate of public access, Deryck petitioned the then Heathcote County Council to have the land opened up as a walking track. The fences came down and the walking track was formed (Peter Rumens pers. comm.). The reserve benefited from the trees the neighbours had planted at the river end of their sections, including several kahikatea that are fruiting. By 2006 the reserve was neglected, overgrown which deterred the public from walking in the Reserve. Dr Colin Meurk advertised amongst the neighbourhood for a supporters' group to help look after the Reserve. This evolved into a group of volunteers who work for one hour in the Reserve on the last Saturday of each month. When there was a plan to build houses in adjacent private woodland in 2010 Biddy Pollard of Dyers Pass Road and her friends successfully campaigned and lobbied the Spreydon-Heathcote community board and City Council to buy this land and add it to the Reserve. Not only did the Council gain a copse of large mature trees it also gave access to the attractive lakeside garden. This lovely and well-used reserve now forms the green heart of Thorrington neighbourhood. Ref. Ernle Clark: "Forgotten Flyer Gets Reserve Name", CCC Scoop, 15 May 2000 + Ernle Clark Reserve CCC plan (1.8 MB pdf) + plant species debate. ...

* 9 April approx, from the Saturday onwards, help sought to deliver next Cashmere Residents' Assn newsletter. Please let us know if you can help with an hour or so of walking near home.

*  16 April, Tuesday 7.30pm, Cashmere Residents' Assn meeting on the draft Christchurch City Three Year Plan, at Cashmere Presbyterian Church. Speakers, a Civil Defence update, and advice on submissions to the draft Plan before they close on Friday, 19 April.



Cashmere has been in the news this week, but not in a good way, with the local High School having trouble on an outing. This raises the question of 'what is Cashmere?' because one local government unit boundary is the Heathcote River. But several organisations north of the river identify with our suburb and add great value to it, which we welcome. But if there is any kind of mentoring or support that we can offer, for any situation like this, then of course that is our honourable duty. Ref.


Correspondence In:

Dear Residents Associations,

Re: Sale of Christchurch City’s Public Assets

As you may be aware, there is growing pressure on the Christchurch City
Council to sell off city assets as one means of funding earthquake

Despite the Council rejecting the need to sell assets, the Government, and
some elements of the business community, continue to call on it to consider
a range of measures to fund the earthquake recovery including
privatisation, introducing user-pays, contracting out and reviewing asset

There is no doubt that the Council is required to contribute more to the
earthquake recovery, but asset stripping the City is not the answer. There
is compelling evidence that these assets provide substantial economic
advantage to our citizens by keeping our rates well below the average for
major NZ cities and by ensuring public and *local* control of our
infrastructure. They also furnish essential support to our sporting and
cultural life.

Nor are all the possible impacts of asset sales limited to the commercial
arm of the Council. During his time in *Hamilton*, Christchurch's
Chief Executive Tony Marryatt supported the sale of ‘green spaces’ where
touch teams practised and neighbourhood kids could play safely.  Of course
the impact on sporting clubs and community organisations should community
facilities be sold to commercial operators, or the introduction of
user-pays, is self-evident.

Many in the community have already taken up the issue. For example, the
Lyttelton/Mt Herbert Community Board has taken a stance on this issue with
the unanimous passing of a resolution at its August 2012 meeting, thus;

That the Lyttelton/Mt Herbert Community Board support continued public
ownership of New Zealand's strategic asset, and continued Christchurch City
Council ownership of its metropolitan and regional strategic assets, in
particular Lyttelton Port of Christchurch and that the Board writes to the
Prime Minister and the Mayor of Christchurch expressing this view.

Given the significance of this issue, we ask that your organisation give
serious consideration to resolving similarly.

If you do, please let us know. And please make public your opposition to
Christchurch asset sales.

Keep Our Assets – Christchurch, a coalition of community groups,
political parties and individuals, is committed to raising the awareness of
this issue and is happy to provide you with further information and/or to
have a representative address your organisation on this issue.

Murray Horton

Keep Our Assets-Christchurch
Box 2258, Christchurch 8140

- FYI Cashmere residents. If you have a view either way on this, please let us know. More info:

"Christchurch Council Under Privatisation Pressure" by Marty Braithwaite, NZCTU Chch eq rep, 2012 -

"Why council companies make sense" by Mayor Bob Parker, 04/03/2013 -

More opinions welcome!

Until next time, enjoy the weather, wet or dry.

Kind regards

Rik Tindall

CRA Chair, 332-1069


Cashmere Residents Association

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