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Cashmere News Diary: 18 April 2013 - Cashmere Residents Association (CRA) council submissions

Kia ora koutou. Thank you Cashmere residents for your help delivering our association Newsletter last week: 2,500 copies out - for the community, by the community - in one week is a great achievement; very well done! Readers can find images of the CRA April Newsletter near the top of home page. Thank you Christchurch City Council (CCC) for the publishing support.

Our special meeting on 16 April had an excellent turnout and the submissions workshop has informed the following work. Thank you very much to our speakers: Phil Clearwater (Community Board), Robert Woods (ECan), Arthur Turner (Civil Defence) and Dave Wilkinson (Neighbourhood Support). We do hope you enjoyed the meeting and found it productive. Residents' registering of personal submissions, via any of these links below, is encouraged. If you state in your submission that you are with CRA, then we can speak on your behalf and attending the submission hearings yourself remains optional.

* 19 April, Friday 5pm, submissions close on the draft Christchurch City Three Year Plan. Cashmere residents have overwhelmingly endorsed the City Council policy of retaining its commercial assets, for restraining rate rises in the future, in funding its part of the city rebuild; which is to support the Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board position. We support the initiatives for a local community facility in the old pump house next to the CCC Beckenham Service Centre, and for a Cashmere Forest Park that controls vehicle misuse on the Port Hills roads and facilitates walking and biking track growth. Traffic de-congestion measures for Cashmere Road, at its major intersections at the foot of the hill, are something we have long lobbied for - safer laning and possibly traffic lights - it is good to hear that improvement is coming soon. CRA would like to adopt the Sign of the Takahe as a focus area, as our contribution to the recovery of tourist trade in the city. We wish to see a timetable for the Takahe's repair and to work with the Council on Cracroft Reserve maintenance and beautification. CRA wishes to see a program for major reduction of sediment pollution in the Opawaho/Heathcote River, and a report on the same. CRA requests specific support for residents' associations to coordinate creation of local community plans, around each emergency hub operable in their area, for widespread and effective civil defence preparedness.

* 22 April, Monday 5pm, submissions close on the draft inter-agency Land Use Recovery Plan - - which determines what kind of development can occur where, in the new Christchurch. Traffic planning is affected and something we want optimised - for variety of modes and reduced congestion - in the city south. Intensified land use is another aspect we watch and wish to help guide, ensuring that community facilities are protected and that Sydenham Community Gardens are secure within the Sydenham master plan, for example. These are the nearest community gardens to Cashmere. Provision for affordable housing is an essential capability of the LURP - we agree that the opportunities presented by the city rebuild must be brought to a broad benefit. The prospect of the LURP enabling an agency to succeed the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority indefinitely - retaining an element of CERA's comprehensive powers of land aggregation etc - is something that readers should consider.

* 23 April, Tuesday 5pm, submissions close on the Environment Canterbury regional council Draft Annual Plan 2013/14. CRA supports the initiative to restrain rate rises but is very concerned to hear that the monitoring of sediment pollution of the Opawaho/Heathcote River has become a city council (development) responsibility. Does this mean that the ECan Pollution Hotline is losing resource? CRA presses for better information-gathering, sharing and response, to improve this valued river's water quality, on a speedy timetable please.

* 11 May, Saturday 11am, Cheesemaking Demonstration by Katherine Mowbray at Cashmere Presbyterian Church. Poster image has pdf file link for printing:


* Correction - Cashmere News Diary: 05 April 2013 had an historical error, locating early Fisherton in Bowen's Valley (Bowenvale), when in fact it was the southern half of what is now the "Beckenham loop" - the other side of the river. Our apologies. Research continues here:

* Thank you to participants in the "Hope & Wire" TV drama series filming - $200 was raised towards CRA costs, and it proved a very memorable experience in the Christchurch city red zone.

* Thank you Steve Langley for taking up the minute-taker position with Christchurch South Community Gardens Trust, who have a new promotional site in front of the Hardings Chemist mural at the Beckenham shops in Colombo Street - CRA network is functional and involved :-)

* CRA Subscriptions 2012/13 - Association membership and renewals, at the household rate of $5 per year, can be made via our Kiwibank a/c 389005.0688810.02 ~ Please notify deposit by email for confirmation by our Treasurer, and a receipt will be issued if requested: ~ Thank you very much for your support of CRA.

Until next time, enjoy the change of weather and stay warm.

We are here to assist in every way that we can.

Kind regards

Rik Tindall

CRA Chair, 332-1069


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