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Cashmere News Diary: 18 September 2016 - PMH-CDHB

* 20 September, Tuesday 7.30pm - Meet the Candidates for the local body elections of 8 October, local wards and regional - St Marks Methodist Church, cnr Somerfield St & Barrington St, a South Christchurch Resident Association Meet-up event. More info: + +

* 21 September, Wednesday 7.30pm - Cashmere Residents' Association committee meeting, resident input invited - contact CRA by reply email.

* 22 September, Thursday 10am - Cashmere Music Group - Preschool music programme at Cashmere Presbyterian Church is going great! Thursday mornings at 10am, a delightful bunch of little kids, mums and grandmas (Dads welcome too!). No charge, just a koha plus a piece of fruit to share.

* 7 October, Friday 9.30am - 'Centering Prayer', Calm & Cake @ Cashmere Presbyterian Church, Dyers Pass Rd, on the first Friday of each month. Free! All welcome: 9.30am Quiet space; 10.00am 'Mindfulness' session; 10.30am Coffee & cake. Phone 332-7129.

* 15-16 October, Sat & Sun 11am-4pm - Craft Showcase at Cashmere Presbyterian Centre - bookings/more info: - poster, please share:
Craft Showcase poster 15-16 Oct 2016

* 16 October, Sunday 10am-4pm - Heritage House Tour 2016 - six heritage houses, rescued from the earthquakes, will be open to the public. Tickets, $25, available at Ballantynes and Paper Plus Merivale from 23 September. Friends of the Ngaio Marsh House.

* 25 October, Tuesday 7.30pm - Cashmere Residents' Association Annual General Meeting at Cashmere Presbyterian Church Hall, cnr Macmillan Ave & Dyers Pass Rd - wine & cheese social from 7pm, 7.30pm welcome and AGM: reports, CRA committee renewal for 2016-2017, notices, drinks break; 8pm speaker Gordon Ogilvie, 9.30pm close.

* 28 October to 6 November 2016 - Neighbourhood Week - street events with council support
Neighbourhood Week 2016

Notices / updates

* Hot-water cylinder problems - holds all CRA's information on this - more feedback from residents or engineers is invited for adding new blog posts. Latest news clipping, from Southern View 23.08.16 p.3:
Southern View 23-08-2016 p3

* Princess Margaret Hospital closure, service relocation to Burwood, a letter to CRA:
As a Cashmere resident of some 30 years and a health professional, I want to have the best health care for our loved ones. I can truly put my hand on my heart and say that Christchurch does have a health system which is far above what is available in the rest of New Zealand and overseas and we in Cashmere will gain immensely from what is being developed.
We have a visionary CEO of the Canterbury District Health Board, as people will hopefully have appreciated in the talk David Meates gave at the Cashmere Club. The guiding principles that he has engrained in all his health professionals is the importance of putting the patient in the centre of all decision making and of providing the right care, at the right time and in the right location. First and foremost he has enabled primary health carers and providers to deliver more healthcare in people's own homes than anywhere else in New Zealand - and definitely more so than overseas. This is why Canterbury has been lauded internationally by groups such as the UK based Kings Fund as being one of the most innovated health systems.
At the next level, he has created a "hub and spoke" model for our community health teams, partnering with healthcare facilities across the city and the surrounding area. There are spokes already established at Halswell, Rangiora, Eastgate and Burwood, and it is also intended to have a spoke created in the West of the city along with a central hub.
Larger integrated family health centres are also part of this hierarchy - one has been opened in Kaikoura and another is planned for Akaroa.
For those who need more specialist care, Christchurch's new facilities at Burwood Hospital for Older Person's Health and Rehabilitation combine previously dispersed specialist services into one centre of excellence. It is envisaged this will serve and support the city, Canterbury and the wider South Island, for many years to come. This approach has been developed over time, with consumers and staff providing input at every step of the design phase and the model of care being delivered.
PHM has got a heck of a lot of earthquake damage with one whole corner sunken and which would need an enormous amount spent on it to make it usable long term. Staff have put up with the risks post-earthquake - as indicated by the risky structural beam above David's own desk. However, we owe it to our staff and patients not to go on exposing them to such risks. David talked about concerns re long term contamination with eg norovirus. Darren, advocating on behalf of the young people needing inpatient care for treatment of anxiety and depression, mothers with babies suffering from post-natal depression, people with eating disorders and those in the rehabilitation mental ward, spoke eloquently about the need to speed up the closure of these final PMH wards - something that David really understands.
If Cashmere Residents haven't seen the MUCH improved facilities our older people have now got at Burwood I would be happy as I mentioned at the meeting to arrange for groups from Cashmere to be taken around.
In the discussion the issue of access to Burwood Hospital from the south of the city was a major point. I can confirm that the DHB has worked closely with Environment Canterbury and the Christchurch City Council to ensure that there is good public transport to and from Burwood Hospital. From The Princess Margaret Hospital, the Blue Line and Orbiter buses connect with the Orange Line bus to reach Burwood Hospital in around 55-60 minutes total travel time. Both the Orange Line and the 135 bus routes have been altered to stop within Burwood Hospital's main car park, a short walk from the new main entrance to the hospital. The DHB is in partnership with Environment Canterbury and the City Council around public transport and its role in contributing towards a healthier Canterbury population. More details on bus timetables and a journey planner are available at
As the Chair of the Senior medical Staff Association, I am known to be prepared to stand up and fight for things if they make sense but trying to keep PHM open simply doesn't make sense. We need to engage and work collaboratively with David's team to provide the right care, at the right time and in the right location. By using resources wisely we can enable more care to be delivered in people's own homes - which as a frequent user of the health services over the last few years my family have appreciated.
I am happy as a long term Cashmere Resident to be used a conduit for the Cashmere Residents Association in these discussions if this is of value.
With very best wishes, Ruth Spearing/Snape, 33 MacMillan Ave, Cashmere.

* Letter to CRA: Saving Christchurch's Notable Trees - We Need Your Help
My name is Lindsay and I am part of a group of citizens who care deeply about Christchurch's unique landscape character, which is defined by its legacy of urban trees - a legacy we feel is more important than ever in the post-earthquake environment.
We really need your help to support the continued protection of some of Christchurch's most significant trees - 80% of which have been proposed for delisting from Council's register, a step which means they can be felled "as of right".
Why We Need Your Help
In particular, we need help to cover the expert and legal expenses that we have had no choice but to incur, in order to speak for the city and its trees through the Court-style Plan hearings being fast-tracked under the emergency earthquake legislation - a process in which effective participation requires expert evidence and legal submission.
What has made this process particularly difficult for ordinary people like ourselves is that we have had to go through not one but an unprecedented two hearings, which effectively doubled our costs. These costs were further increased when Council reneged on a mediated agreement that would have seen 56% of the listed trees return to Council's register.
As you can imagine, the second hearing and Council's action presented an almost impossible hurdle for individual submitters and small Trusts to overcome in order to speak for a public good.
What We're Doing - And How You Can Help:
We are currently running a fundraising campaign under the umbrella of the Christchurch Civic Trust and donations can be made via:
Give A Little:
Or directly to the Christchurch Civic Trust:
Electronically to: KiwiBank Account # 38 9003 0081396 00 (Please include your name and "Trees" as a reference and email the; with your contact details so we can send you a receipt); or
By cheque to: Christchurch Civic Trust, PO Box 1927, Christchurch 8140.
All donations are tax deductible and will be receipted. All funds will be used solely to meet the expert and legal costs of the tree campaign to date and to review the Hearing decisions once they are made.
We would also deeply appreciate awareness of our cause being shared with others you believe may share our concern for the future of Christchurch and its urban landscape character. Spreading the word will help us greatly so please feel free to forward this email on to other individuals, organisations, groups, or businesses that you believe may support continued recognition nd protection of Christchurch's Heritage and Notable trees.
Contacts and Further Information:
Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions:;
Thank you for your time, your support, and your generosity for a cause that is so important to Christchurch's unique urban character and to its post-earthquake regeneration and recovery.
Kind regards, Lindsay Carswell, for the Christchurch Civic Trust & Others

* Pilates classes, two per week: Tuesdays 6-7pm at Cashmere School, 135 Hackthorne Rd, and Fridays 9.30-10.30am at Cashmere Presbyterian Centre, 2 Macmillan Ave. Kate Horton BSc(hons), NZRP, Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor (APPI). 022-690-4126 + +

* Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team - CREST - Cashmere Community Response Plan - see for digital copy. Enquiries via Cashmere Presb, Cashmere School or Cashmere Residents' Association. Stay safe, ref.

* A very big thank you to all Cashmere Residents and CREST community partners: Cashmere Primary School, Cashmere Presbyterian Church, Christchurch City Council Strengthening Communities & Civil Defence Emergency Management, Canterbury Neighbourhood Support, Kidsfirst Cashmere Kindergarten, Cashmere Cuisine, Cup Cafe, Emperors New Clothes Cafe, Cashmere Super Dairy, Cracroft-Chase Vineyard, Quick Stop Liquor, Swanlake Lotus at Siam Healthcare Spa emergency spring-water source, Out in the Wild cordials of Hanmer, Computer Help NZ, and to all our local volunteers and supporters - Thank you very much!

* Past CRA email Cashmere News is indexed near page-top here, FYI:

* CRA Subscriptions 2016/17 - Association membership and renewals, at the household rate of $10 per year, can be made via our Kiwibank a/c 389005.0688810.02 - Donations help increase service and are very much appreciated. Please notify deposit by email, for confirmation by our Treasurer, and a receipt will be issued if requested: Or post to CRA Treasurer, c/o 112 Hackthorne Road, Christchurch 8022. CRA-Member-Application-Form.pdf

Thanks again for your support of CRA.
Enjoy the spring days and warmer nights!

Kind regards

Rik Tindall

Chair pp CRA committee
332-1069 or 027-406-0077

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