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Cashmere News Diary: 21 August 2017 - Neighbourhood Week etc.

* 25 August, Friday 5pm - consultation closes on "Cashmere Road 'School Zone' signage":

CCC Cashmere Road Letter with plan 250817
CCC Cashmere Road Letter with plan 250817
* 25 August, Friday 5pm - consultation closes on "Summit Road Proposed prohibited times on road restrictions", ref. - Feedback is also invited to this News email, for confirming CRA's response to the plan.
Traffic noise and safety have always been major concerns for local residents and this looks like action on it, providing police powers of Summit Road temporary closure to recreational motoring - in extraordinary circumstances. On residents' behalf, CRA can only support every effort to reduce Summit Road vehicle hazards and disturbance, in the Port Hills area, so we are submitting in cautious favour of this proposal.
Visitors to Christchurch, sometimes hosted in Cashmere, enjoy the opportunity to take in area views from Summit Road and this could also be on any evening of the week. Our only concern with "prohibited times on road restrictions" is that the legitimate and safe use of Summit Road outlined should be able to continue, unimpeded and without fear. We understand that the change in rules will protect safe and legitimate use of Summit Road by excluding the selfish, anti-social and dangerous road mis-user minority. We thank council for this opportunity to comment.

* 28 August, Monday 5pm - consultation closes on "Cashmere Road / Hoon Hay Road / Worsleys Road intersection Improvements", see - Feedback is also invited to this News email, for confirming CRA's response to the plan. We are submitting in favour of it and to support the options that Cracroft Residents' Association prefer.

* 1 September, Friday 9.30-10.30am - Quiet Space, Cashmere Presbyterian Church. Time to reflect and be recharged. Light a candle for a person or issue that you are concerned for.

* 1 September, Friday 5pm - Neighbourhood Week applications close - see notice below.

* 20 September, Wednesday 7.30pm - next Cashmere Residents' Association committee meeting, resident input invited - contact CRA by reply email.

* 25 September, Monday 5pm - consultation closes on new Christchurch City Council "Traffic and Parking Bylaw" that merges three current bylaws - make submissions online:

* 17 October, Tuesday 7.30pm - CRA Annual General Meeting date, at Cashmere Presbyterian Centre - Speaker: The Malthouse.

Notices / updates

* If you have any local news to add, please send it in to CRA in reply.

* Cracroft Community Centre - operates from Old Stone House, 30 Shalamar Drive. The building is owned by the Christchurch City Council. The Community Centre is managed by a committee of volunteers. At present, the building is being restored after earthquake damage with the reopening expected to be November 2017. The Committee is looking for new members who would be interested in joining the Committee to run the building and its operations. The gardens which until this year were maintained by volunteers, are now under the care of the Christchurch Botanical Gardens which looks after grounds surrounding historic buildings. Before the earthquakes, the building was run and hired out by the Committee from Monday to Thursday for community groups and from Friday to Sunday commercially for weddings, birthdays etc. The involvement with the Committee is both challenging and fulfilling all leading to making our area very desirable place to live. Should you be interested in joining the Committee or for further information please contact Olwyn Rudd Ph.942.8678 , Peter Rogers Ph.338.9303 or Terry Mundy Ph.338.4223

* Place Names of Banks Peninsula and the Port Hills - by award-winning regional historian Gordon Ogilvie, has been published by Canterbury University Press (CUP) this month. With a deep knowledge of this part of New Zealand, Ogilvie challenged himself to write a comprehensive successor to Johannes Andersen's Place-Names of Banks Peninsula, first published in 1927. CUP article: New book rediscovers Port Hills and Banks Peninsula history. Cover:
Place Names cover 2017
Place Names detail 2017

* Neighbourhood Week - 27 October 2017 to 31 March 2018 - is about bringing people together. It's an ideal opportunity to organise a small get-together or local gathering to get to know your neighbours. The Spreydon-Cashmere Community Board is making small subsidies available towards Neighbourhood Week gatherings in its Board area. This year, the event has been extended to the whole summer. Applications for subsidies close Friday 1 September 2017, at 5pm.
The application form and guidelines are available online at and printed copies are available from Council Service Centres.
The Spreydon-Cashmere Community Board looks forward to receiving your application online or by email or post:
Apply online at: OR Email to: OR Post to: Neighbourhood Week, Christchurch City Council, c/o PO Box 73020, Christchurch 8154
Please Note:
1.Subsidy reimbursements are paid after the gathering, on presentation and approval of receipts.
2.Subsidies are not available for alcohol, fireworks, or paid entertainment.
3.If your gathering is to be held in a public space such as a local park or reserve, you will need to contact Council Bookings on 941 8888 to check availability and make a booking for your chosen venue.
Kind regards
Wendy Gunther
Community Support Officer - Spreydon-Cashmere
Christchurch City Council
c/o PO Box 73020, Christchurch 8154
Phone: 941 8999
CCC Neighbourhood Week 2017

* Preschool Music Group - Thursday mornings at Cashmere Presbyterian Church is a fun and learning space for all babies and preschoolers. 10am for a half-hour music and movement session, followed by morning tea. Gold coin donation. Come along to check it out! For more information phone 332 7129. Volunteers needed to help with holding babies and making coffee.

* Volunteers needed for Foot Clinic - If you like making people's day, come join the team at Foot Clinic. This is a special and much appreciated service provided by Cashmere Presbyterian Church every 6 weeks. No experience necessary, but nurses are particularly needed. For more information phone or pop in to the church office: 332 7129.

* Predator-Free Port Hills, Cashmere project - thank you to the Summit Road Society and all residents who have volunteered help with pest trapping. Further inquiries welcome where pests are encountered, via - To participate in the project, please register and "Request membership" on the Pest Trap NZ, Cashmere GIS page adding data: trap type, location, bait & catches etc. This is going very well, a real and long-overdue step forward against pest species. From listing effort and results, increased support will become available. More Predator-Free NZ project info is indexed as a Community Notice for Predator-Free Cashmere on home page, FYI.

* Hot-water cylinder / gas unit problems - a flood of reports are being logged this winter, invitation to share experience - holds all CRA's information on this widespread fault; feedback from residents anywhere in Christchurch, or from more engineers, is welcome for writing further blog posts that note every known way of resolving hot-water supply faults.

* Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team - CREST - Cashmere Community Response Plan - see for digital copy. Enquiries via Cashmere Presbyterian, Cashmere School or Cashmere Residents' Association. Stay safe, ref.

* A very big thank you to all Cashmere Residents and CREST community partners: Cashmere Primary School, Cashmere Presbyterian Church, Christchurch City Council Strengthening Communities, Canterbury Neighbourhood Support, Kidsfirst Cashmere Kindergarten, Cashmere Cuisine, Cup Cafe, Emperors New Clothes Cafe, Zeroes Cafe, Cashmere Super Dairy, Kaizuka Giftshop, Una Bakery, Quick Stop Liquor, Swanlake Lotus at Siam Healthcare Spa emergency spring-water source, Computer Help NZ, and to all our local volunteers and supporters - Thank you very much!

* Past CRA email Cashmere News is indexed near page-top here, FYI:

* CRA Subscriptions 2016/17 - Association membership and renewals, at the household rate of $10 per year, can be made via our Kiwibank a/c 38.9005.0688810.02 - Donations help increase service and are very much appreciated. Please notify deposit by email, for confirmation by our Treasurer, and a receipt will be issued if requested: Or post to CRA Treasurer, c/o 112 Hackthorne Road, Christchurch 8022. CRA-Member-Application-Form.pdf

Thanks again for your support of CRA and its work. Stay warm and safe this winter, welcoming spring!

Kind regards

Rik Tindall
332-1069 / 027-406-0077
Chair pp CRA Committee

Cashmere Residents' Association (CRA)

Cashmere Residents' Association

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