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Cashmere News Diary: 22 May 2018 - Special General Meeting

* 23 May, Wednesday 7:30pm - Cashmere Residents' Association Special General Meeting at Cashmere Presbyterian Centre hall, 2 MacMillan Ave - a petition lodged requires an urgent SGM, "to hear the CRA Committee report on its current work and performance for our community":

Long functioning, good administrative systems of CRA have been cast aside, replicated unnecessarily with untold extra fees at residents' expense, cutting sound projects from CRA that residents support around resilience planning[1] and environmental pest control[2] - why? None of this makes any sense; it is sheer vandalism. The reason must be seen to be believed.

In public meetings CRA is often under pressure from local politicians of a particular stripe, who are always rebuffed resoundingly from the floor - what business is it of theirs that our community can organise itself for our own well-being, through Association? These politicians are duty-bound to support self-sustaining communities, but truly do not - wanting only dependence to keep themselves in power. Insincere.

This venal dynamic is bringing Cashmere Residents' Association down, via its Committee - they care not the cost, the damage to community good, so long as control is secured at the top and permanently. Cashmere must now decide the continued independence of its Association, or not. A business couple have been buoyed by personal political affiliation to seize control of the Chair and Secretary CRA administrative roles between them - unbelievable - aided and abetted by a small clique of personal friends inside and outside the Association area.

What is needed is a handful of fresh Committee volunteers, from Cashmere Hill/West, to run against the old, died-in-the-wool roadblocks to good service within the Association.

The history of nice meetings about heritage/tours, garden club and book reviews etc. is absolutely respected, but the Association will be lost if it fails to revitalise in modern terms, within the Christchurch rebuild, by inspiring new members. The resilience and pest control projects had been doing that, so why throw these out? Why shed the CRA Constitution - through a suddenly and outrageously closed Committee - to achieve higher costs for a lot less return to the membership?

The management issues that a politically-driven CRA coup have thrown up are enormous and very poorly thought through - e.g. what is to become of the News Diary, that connects our community so regularly, and why should we waste time and investment on replacing our online presence at all? Because these are the requisites of a very narrow Cashmere cultural monopoly, taking firmer hold at members' expense.

Wednesday is the CRA members' opportunity to have their say, to make the Committee answerable, and to direct a reviewed Committee towards a much more balanced, inclusive and competent performance. If we cannot be allowed to properly organise a summer community lunch, outside of a church or on public land, then something is very definitely wrong and missing the point.

Twenty paid up members are enough to make the general meeting deliberative and authoritative. Ten members can require a Special Resolution for debate and decision. Ask every question that you may have.

Let us actively revision the this year dysfunctional Cashmere Residents' Association, and with urgency. Our community has so much to offer when acting in harmony, for good purpose, under the CRA Rules.

Attached is the map from our Association Constitution, showing the area covered as Hackthorne and Dyers Pass Roads down to Cashmere Road and all streets leading off this triangle as far as Merlewood Ave ('the Hill', or Cashmere West only). CRA members may wish to resolve how much of a role Cashmere East Associate members can have upon our centenarian+ community organisation, on the Committee in future, given the current rude fragmentation that representatives have so sadly been encouraging.
CRA Constitution 1995 p2

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards


CRA Committee member since 2011, 2017 AGM Chair


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