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Cashmere News Diary: 22 September 2018 - CRA update, AF8

Kia ora taatou.

* 22 September, Saturday - Free bus travel day: - safe transport for going out.

* 8 October, Monday 2pm - Cashmere Residents' Association in court - see update below.

* 14 October, Sunday - Consultation closes on the Regional Public Transport Plan, - "help shape the planning, funding and delivery" at this stage, with a full bus route review early next year. Lodge any requests for change and reply to this email with your views please.

Notices / updates

* Predator Free Port Hills pest trapping - is going well so thanks everyone who's taking part. Subsidised traps are still available. See for news and contact / for help.

* Hot-water cylinder problems - are being reported in a significant new surge, ascribed to chlorinated water now. holds all CRA's information on this very local concern - feedback is welcome for writing further blog posts, noting ways of resolving hot-water supply faults. It may be down to many unsuitable, post-quake HWC replacements failing at around the same age.

* Keep sending in your Cashmere area news for distribution please.

* Project AF8 - "AF8 [Alpine Fault Magnitude 8] is a collaborative effort to save lives by planning and preparing a coordinated response across the South Island after a severe earthquake on the Alpine Fault" at + - see email graphic:
AF8 email #1

* Cashmere Residents' Association - the very dirty coup ...

Government ministers Curran and Whaitiri have shown the perils of promoting individuals beyond the limit of their ability, on a blindly loyal escalator to power. With many having little or no work experience outside the party, so explained are: 1. the ruthless allegiance by which second-tier talent would have no other opportunity to rise, and; 2. the non-contributory, supercilious position of Labour functionaries towards community volunteer organisations. Also less known is how very damaging this same machine is at local level, upon communities that really deserve better, through the grinding of its organisational cogs. So we saw when Cashmere Residents' Association 'Secretary' and Labour Party campaigner Leona Muradidy, and follower 'Acting Chair' Ralph Roden, brought the Association (CRA) into self-interest, dysfunction and disrepute, from February 2018 - to install Labour hold upon it. XXXXX's surgery excused them from a second hearing at Disputes Tribunal early September, but the month's delay gives opportunity to more fully write up the case. In August a personal claim over damages was denied, so they have put the Association still further at risk and now have to answer for it - 'professionally' this time - early October.

New Zealand Police under Labour influence have under-performed, enforcing Muradidy/Roden dishonesty - the theft of CRA newsletters, then many lies to cover this up. It exposes the question, are police about justice, or to back the powerful and resourced over the modest at every juncture, the hired muscle of institutionalised crime? With these priorities it does explain why communities are so very obliged to plan for their own well-being in disasters (like AF8). How Kathryn Dalziel's law firm, Taylor Shaw became involved and who is paying for it have not been revealed - except as added bullying.

The agenda to impose Labour control over Cashmere's preparedness has been very clear. The destruction of our Red Cross resilience project and response plan exercise in February were means to this end. The shocking thing, beyond CRA, are the abandonment echo at the local school and church - who have been plan partners - under the same Labour influence. Cashmere has been organising its emergency response, collaboratively and successfully, until this cruel and wasteful intervention. CRA mis-leaders have put their personal interests far ahead of Cashmere community and those of the Association here, as if they never considered this. Unforgivable.

Red Cross grant funds had been gained for the Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team (CREST) 03 account, as reported for CRA 2017 AGM with the bank statement 2017-Sep-01_Business.pdf - Note, $400.00 of the $9,321.50 reported had been contributed by Cashmere Primary towards an emergency generator, amongst the project's immediate goals. Also here is the Disputes Tribunal precise claim, to be heard in two weeks' time, for the missing project funds to come back to Cashmere community - where there was no good reason at all for their removal:

District Court Disputes Tribunal claim – 8 October 2018

As well as political plays and for their own business leverage, CRA mis-leaders have continued a grudge - against Cashmere Presbyterian Church and going back ten years, to when the church upgraded its facility to become a more functional community centre. Muradidy/Roden opposed modification of the heritage stone church fabric, so this looks like very simple and misguided 'revenge', to destroy the Cashmere Residents-led resilience project there. It is hoped that CREST can yet get back on track, because we know very clearly that the preparedness work is wanted by our community (long before AF8).

The question must be asked: with the same tentacles binding council, community board, school, church, and now residents' association, is Christchurch any the better for it?

Stay safe, enjoy the spring. Kia kaha.

Ngaa mihi nui. Kind regards,

Rik Tindall

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