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Cashmere News Diary: 24 April 2018 - ANZAC Day, Cashmere SGM

* 25 April, ANZAC Day, Wednesday 6.15am - Cranmer Square Christchurch Memorial RSA Dawn Service - 8am 19th Battalion and Armoured Regiment Service, The Memorial, Victoria Park Rd, Cashmere - also at Cranmer Square is - - Lest we forget.

* 16 May, Wednesday 7:30pm - Cashmere Residents' Association Special General Meeting, at Cashmere Presbyterian Centre hall, 2 MacMillan Ave - Do you have the time and skills to be a Chairperson, a Secretary, a Treasurer or a Committee member for the Association? CRA could use your help. Do come along, all CRA members interested in getting things moving for Cashmere community again.

The post-earthquake, recovery CRA Committee has run its course, reaching impasse. There has been no official meeting since January and no new work done. The very regular April CRA Newsletter and public meeting have not happened. We ask your contribution to repair and re-invigorate CRA Committee, through this SGM.

CRA Committee has run successfully at a modest size (5-7 members). But from AGM 2017 there has been change - some voted in and some not. The new format does not work well and we need you to review it with us please - join Committee if you can, help us to establish some key values and goals.

In need of members' decision are two innovative projects, that CRA has been developing to meet perceived need: 1. a Cashmere community emergency response plan, built through CREST (the Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team to operate a community hub at the Presbyterian Centre in an emergency);* and 2. Cashmere Predator-Free community coordination of non-toxic and humane trapping control of pest animal species (noting the large rodent influx this month, after warmer weather).**

Attached for your review, assent or otherwise, are: 1. the Red Cross project application that CRA was granted funding from, to enable us to manage the above two project descriptions for six months from August 2017 - the two files Application-form-$8000-Cashmere-draft3-180817.pdf and Southwest-Newsletter-Grant-Application-Form-Cashmere-draft2-210817.pdf, and; 2. our October 2017 AGM reporting that includes the Red Cross project - the two files CRA-Annual-Accounts-2017.pdf and CRA-Treasurer's-Committee-Report-9.17.pdf.

Cashmere Residents' Association must ask your evaluation - endorsement or otherwise - of the above work, in order to proceed this year. Disagreement arose, at two-weeks-from-close-of-project, with part of Committee wanting to cancel it entirely. It has been experienced, thus, that the CRA Newsletter is not owned by Cashmere community as may appear, but a proprietary publishing house - in struggling to get the February Red Cross project word out. How do you value this recent effort?

Very disturbing has been that church and party political interests should collude to remove community autonomy in managing the above projects for ourselves, for greater collaborative resilience, to try and impose dependency instead. Is such pointed derailing of CRA community initiative acceptable, at all? There has been only destructive action, in place of CRA Committee, since January. Can you help get CRA back on a progressive track this May?

With inaction prevailing at CRA Committee, a threatened part of our community has received no answer to their call for more neighbourhood support, to deal with a sudden security crisis. The crashing silence is plainly unacceptable.

To support the call for a CRA Special General Meeting, to consult with the membership about whether the above projects and direction are all wanted by Cashmere community, please send a reply email or contact the CRA Chair.

Here is CRA-Member-Application-Form.pdf for newcomers or renewers to bring along. Thank you for your long-term support of CRA and its work. Looking forward to seeing you on 16 May.

Stay warm and safe, a happy autumn to you all.

Kind regards

Rik Tindall

Registered Chair pp CRA
332-1069 / 027-406-0077


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