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Cashmere News Diary: 25 September 2013 - community response work

* 25 September, Wednesday 1.30pm, Cashmere emergency preparedness group, 1.30pm at Cashmere Church - see 3 Nov.

* 25 September, Wednesday 7.30pm,  Cashmere residents' committee meeting (postponed one week); please email reply or phone the Chair, or Leona on 337-2051 if you'd like to attend.

* 23 October, Wednesday 1.30pm, Cashmere emergency preparedness group, 1.30pm at Cashmere Church - see 3 Nov.

* 3 November, Sunday 3-5pm, Cashmere Green area - Neighbourhood Week community barbeque and exercise of our community response plan, with Cashmere Presbyterian Church Centre. We have formed a committee to increase local preparedness and resilience, to organise for Neighbourhood Week, and new members are very welcome. Next meeting dates are Wednesdays 25 Sept and 23 Oct, 1.30pm at the church centre. Civil Defence is encouraging a team of volunteers to become our ready-responders, with a local hall cup of tea, contact point and reassurance, in the event of emergency. Details of our Cashmere emergency plan are here: Cashmere Emergency News 20Jun2013. More work is needed to develop this. Contact CRA Chair if willing to help, and attend on these dates please. Thank you to those who have stepped forward already.

* 12 November, Tuesday 7.30pm, CRA AGM - provisional date - we are having to set this back three weeks due to a convergence of circumstances. Newsletter material invited now. Speaker to be confirmed, but perhaps Dr Ruth Spearing on the CCC Local Alcohol Policy draft.


* Last night Somerfield Residents' Association had its AGM - their first since they have restarted after a twelve-year hiatus. Well done Julie Tobbell and SRA committee team, congratulations on your election to Chair and for filling all the positions. You are doing a great job for your community and we really appreciate being able to work with you.

After the SRA AGM was a local elections candidate meeting. I am campaigning independently, for more support for all residents' groups and neighbourhood support, through a community board position or as Christchurch Mayor. I was shocked to see one response, however. Paul McMahon, "People's Choice" community board member, told the SRA meeting that "Cashmere Residents' Association has $5,000 left over from the Vision and Values Project," which is patently false. That I said immediately, and I was exceedingly uncomfortable having to defend our organisation from dishonest and very public political attack.

For the record, CRA financial statements - to which I became privy since joining the committee from January 2011 - show that $479 of Vision and Values Project funding remains in CRA accounts (though I am neither Treasurer nor auditor, just responsible leadership, in evaluating this) - see image here:

Cashmere Vision and Values balance

CRA holds $4589.57 of accumulated membership dues, donations and residual Vision and Values funding, after meeting outgoings, as at today's date.

This email constitutes formal registration of complaint, to the Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board and Christchurch City Council, for the misinformation broadcast on 24/9/13 at SRA.

* "TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN - Has anyone expressed concern about the cellphone tower that was erected two weeks ago on the corner of Cashmere Road and Barrington Street? Why weren't we as nearby residents informed by the telecommunications company or whoever arranges for these towers to be installed that this tower was to be erected? We live in Purau Terrace." More feedback invited via CRA. Thank you to those who have expressed views already, from both sides of the debate.

* Cashmere High School - host families wanted for international students, paid a weekly amount - contact Deb, Homestay Coordinator, DDI: 337-4725, Office: 332-9129, Cell: 027-292-4859, Email:

* CRA Subscriptions 2012/13 - Association membership and renewals, at the household rate of $5 per year, can be made via our Kiwibank a/c 389005.0688810.02 ~ Please notify deposit by email, for confirmation by our Treasurer, and a receipt will be issued if requested:

Until next time, thank you for your support of CRA, enjoy the spring weather and see you soon.

Kind regards

Rik Tindall

CRA Chair, 332-1069

Cashmere Residents Association

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