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Cashmere News Diary: 26 August 2014 - Cashmere Valley, District Plan

* 27 August, Wednesday - Christchurch City Council (CCC)'s Proposed District Plan release notification, when submission phase opens for 30 working days. An accelerated process has been imposed by Government through the Land Use Recovery Plan, to identify suburbs for intensified housing and commerce. All decisions relating to the District Plan Review must be released by March 2016. See and

* 27 August, Wednesday 1.30pm - CREST - Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team - our local preparedness group meets, at Cashmere Presbyterian Centre, 2 Macmillan Ave - last Wednesday of each month except December. Local volunteer skills and resources inter-network. Writing the draft Cashmere Community Emergency Response Plan. All input welcome. Ref.

* 29 August, Friday 5pm - deadline for applications to CCC's Neighbourhood Week event fund, for 24 Oct to 2 Nov 2014, community BBQs and gatherings subsidy -

* 1 September, Monday 7pm - CRA committee meeting re Cashmere Valley Mountain Bike Adventure Park. We have a limited number of places available for this important event, where the association will hear the developers' pitch for the project and start to decide any community response. On contentious matters CRA tends to remain neutral and representative of all the wide range of resident views. If you'd like to comment or attend, please reply / contact CRA Chair.

* 2 September, Tuesday 7pm - Somerfield Residents Association's AGM and Election Candidates' Evening, for Port Hills electorate, at St Marks Hall, Cnr Barrington & Somerfield Streets. AGM first, light supper.

* 9 September, Tuesday 3.30-6.30pm - CCC draft District Plan changes & submissions Drop-in Session, Beckenham Service Centre, 66 Colombo St -

* 9 September, Tuesday 7.30pm - Barrington Issues Group - at St Nicholas Anglican Church Hall, Frankleigh St / Barrington St cnr: public passenger transport interchange for the Mall, pedestrian safety, Draft District Plan changes and submissions, urban and commercial development, rising flood and contamination risks etc; contributing to Spreydon residents' association. All welcome.

* 15 September, Monday 7.30pm - Bowenvale Neighbourhood Network first meeting, CRA-backed, at Spreydon Heathcote Community Boardroom, Beckenham Service Centre CCC, 66 Colombo St - Port Hills red zone clearances, draft District Plan changes & submissions, Neighbourhood Support, meeting schedule etc. Guests by invitation only.

* 17 September, Wednesday 5pm - deadline for Cashmere Newsletter October copy. Enquiries to Leona on 337-2051.

* 17 September, Wednesday 7.30pm - Cashmere Residents' Association committee meeting, all input welcome - contact CRA Chair.

* 19 September, Friday 5pm - deadline for submissions on Cashmere Valley Mountain Bike Adventure Park, aka "Proposed Christchurch Mountain Bike Adventure Park" by & ref. "Worsleys Road - Adventure Park" consent process: [Articles - The Press, Tina Law: Port Hills park plan lauded 16/10/2014 + Big bike-park plan gets a push 17/10/2014]

* 21 October, Tuesday 7pm - CRA AGM, evening begins with drinks and nibbles at Cashmere Presbyterian Centre, 2 Macmillan Ave; 7.30pm AGM, then two speakers on post-earthquake themes from 8pm. 9.30pm close. Any more volunteers for committee? All welcome.

* 2 November, Sunday 5-7pm - Cashmere Community BBQ Potluck Dinner; meats, cooker, bread, condiments and beverages supplied; bring family, a salad or dessert if you like; at Cashmere Presbyterian Centre, 2 Macmillan Ave - CREST Neighbourhood Week event.


* Cashmere Presbyterian Church - Church House - At the present time we have an Iranian family as tenants but they have to vacate on 29th August.. This family have two daughters aged 11 and 6 who both attend Cashmere Primary School. They really like the house but realise they have to find alternative accommodation prior to the 29th August. They would like if possible to be close to Cashmere School. If you happen to know of any rented accommodation available or house sitting could you contact Richard or 02102468662. I will then pass the information on to them.. [Update: Church House - alternative accommodation has already been found. Thanks.]

* Retaining Walls - follow-up + +
Update: "Hello. Thank you for the newsletter. We wondered if it would be possible to put something in? We are building a retaining wall and will have 120m3 of soil we don't need. We wondered if anyone in Cashmere is looking for some soil? Thanks so much for letting me know. Stephanie. 3321701. Hackthorne Road."

* Cashmere water quality issue?
A resident has reported ongoing problems with 'hotwater cylinder element corrosion causing it to burn out', Peter Cocks brand, that their plumber ascribes to changed Cashmere water quality, post earthquake repairs. If you are having a similar experience or know more about it, please reply / contact CRA Chair.
Update: Other residents have reported ongoing problems with 'hotwater cylinder element corrosion causing it to burn out', but a different brand; "Interesting to read that others experience same issue. We have just had our third cylinder replaced recently - our third in 15 years. We have a Superheat branded one which is compatible with our solar heating system and provides mains pressure. We have heard same reason re water quality post quake but as our issues precede this, with plumbers mentioning then need to replace cylinders frequently in the Cashmere area, there must be other issues involved. We cannot change our type because others are not compatible. We now need to have a plumber check the anode every 3-6 months otherwise the warranty is invalid, at our cost. Surprising that this issue has not been raised before. Cheers, Nicky and David." etc.

* is a new and secure social media forum from an Auckland company, that is proving popular with community organisers in post-quake Christchurch. All manner of community news and development are accessible there. Join the local fun!

* Community project funding is available from

* Graffiti clean ups from and join a volunteer team here:

* A very big thank you to all Cashmere Residents' and CREST community partners: Cashmere Primary School, Cashmere Presbyterian Church, Christchurch City Council CDEM, Canterbury Neighbourhood Support, Kidsfirst Cashmere Kindergarten, Kaizuka Eatery and Garden Bar, Cup Cafe, Elevate Bar and Function Centre, Emporers New Clothes Cafe, Cashmere Super Dairy, Swanlake Lotus at Siam Healthcare Spa, Cracroft-Chase Vineyard, Quick Stop Liquor, Out in the Wild cordials of Hanmer, and to all our local volunteers and supporters - Thank you very much!

* Past CRA email news is indexed near page-top here, FYI:

* CRA Subscriptions 2013/14 - Association membership and renewals, at the household rate of $5 per year, can be made via our Kiwibank a/c 389005.0688810.02 - Adding a small donation is very much appreciated and helps increase service. Please notify deposit by email, for confirmation by our Treasurer, and a receipt will be issued if requested:

Enjoy the spring weather! Stay safe.

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