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Cashmere News Diary: 27 January 2019 - community misleadership disrupts

Happy New Year.

The outgoing committee of the Cashmere Residents Association (CRA) has had its day in court, or actually three, due to much wriggling. In a month or so they must answer to the membership through Special General Meeting. But confirmed now is what was already known: that ninety dollars worth of justice is no justice at all. Obtained thus, however, was formal documentation of perjury at District Court: of Ralph Roden for Leona Murahidy - 'Acting' chair and 'secretary' of the CRA. Lie upon lie upon lie - for dismissing claim against them - this captured fraud caps that of nonsense administration for the past year, the key points being as summarised:

1. Regarding the 2017/18 Red Cross Cashmere resilience project, the Disputes Tribunal 18.12.2018 order found that the Roden/Murahidy CRA partnership "disputes liability for further payment having returned funding to the provider" - the court has been deceived: they still have the funds. At the October CRA AGM, Roden/Murahidy reported some $1500 being held in the -03 CRA account of the resilience project (while distributing no paperwork at all then). This latest lie forms the crowning example of the stack by which Roden/Murahidy, family and friends, force privatisation of the Association, at significant loss of service to Cashmere, community, truth and Christchurch.

2. The Murahidy/Roden reason for disrupting the Cashmere resilience project, and CRA normal function, was that they usually produce the CRA newsletters. However, Red Cross were funding a special early edition in February 2018, around specific network actions, which Murahidy/Roden passed on responsibility for mid-January. Trouble only began when they later sought authorship back, to run private, illustrated advertising of interest to them and relatives (for which space was limited, so just text ads were displayed). With an immovable deadline looming and worked to appropriately, Murahidy/Roden challenged this and asserted right of destructive, wholesale cancellation. They had already given approval of the initial newsletter draft (and failed to write a promised hazards article). The lying began then, inventing pretexts to upset a sound and important preparedness project. Blackmail has no place in civilised society and the trashing of everything necessary to do with CRA in Cashmere, to express a personal control over it, is unacceptable - there has to be room for collaboration with volunteers. Game over, there - private partnership control over CRA activities was forced. Insane and malicious disruption by Murahidy/Roden, costing one year of Association development already, simply has to end.

3. Like the special CRA Feb18 newsletters, there was an event barbeque catering role that Murahidy/Roden volunteered for. And this commitment proved equally insincere, taken on not to give service to Cashmere community but to give Murahidy power and ability to bring the preparedness project at Cashmere Presbyterian down. For this is what they did, in changing their minds at the last moment, when the 'inconvenience' of extra work set in. Instead of handing the task back to the project coordinator, as any reasonable person would, they endeavoured, with some success, to trash the entire project. Proving unreliable, at best, to a fault.

4. Murahidy/Roden, with CRA committee, had moved application for Red Cross resilience project funding, during 2017; to then renege on delivery, for spiteful reasons, then constituted breach of contract, not only with Red Cross but also with everyone in Cashmere community involved in resilience volunteering and delivery. Asking why they would risk it sheds light. Welcoming new committee members from outside Cashmere hill (Associate members who officially have no vote) was itself high risk. It was imperative that they support and enhance Cashmere unity and progress and not create division (within the committee). But agendas to rort the hill community, and advance one council consultant career, had emerged. Murahidy's work as a Labour Party activist keyed into the corrupting influence this group is at the city council, such that Cashmere's independence (of plan submissions etc) and homegrown preparedness program were toppled to the ground. Here, now, Labour has tagged itself into fraud. Incompetent performance is worse than pathetic and repellent, it is downright harmful; it has too strong a say in our city - that much is clear. Corruption prevails in Christchurch community manipulation, angling loyalists into influential positions they poorly qualify for. Emergency preparedness needs a lot more work.

5. Not only defrauding the Cashmere resilience project fund for effective new service, in parallel Murahidy/Roden have stolen resource raised for the Cashmere Predator Free initiative, because this work-stream was also covered off in the 2017 Red Cross application (that they endorsed) to support the building work being done around CRA by it's then chair of six years.

6. The Murahidy/Roden stranglehold over CRA (with enticement of a few ring-ins) seems mostly to close off all avenue of complaint from their direct neighbours - families sometimes affected by the Murahidy/Roden combined home businesses of: a (leaking?) irrigated native plant nursery with very high, old and dangerous sheltering trees; second-hand/hire? camper vans and cars spilling out onto the road; boarding accommodation, etc.

7. It is the very worst kind of cowardice, laziness and treachery, for Murahidy/Roden to ask someone to chair/lead their organisation and then not offer any tiny measure of feedback or criticism if/when they have issue with any aspect of that leadership; not to test opportunity for correction but to spontaneously stab their nominee, their main Association worker and front person, in the back. This is the flavour of Batesesque mania running Cashmere Residents Association currently, a true hazard for anyone in contact. Murahidy/Roden have proven to be amongst the lowest of the low; there is no level of dishonest subterfuge that cannot be expected from them.

There has only ever been strong Cashmere community support for the 'CREST' preparedness work CRA started and for local Predator-Free pest control work to begin. It can only be jealousy and strategic, that Leona Murahidy and Ralph Roden (inc.) have wanted to exert private control over these new activities too, that has led them to hugely frustrate very simple, low-value and rare local funded projects (for Labour Party ambition, warping council, apparently). Cashmere residents need now express their wishes for these projects too, and for their Association.


Ngaa mihi,

Rik Tindall

pp Neighbourhood Support, Cashmere &
Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team

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