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Cashmere News Diary: 30 July 2013 - Constitution Conversation

* 31 July, Wednesday, last day for submissions on the NZ constitutional review.
Cashmere Mid-winter Gathering on 21 July saw a very good turnout of residents. Thank you, we hope you found it interesting and fun. An overwhelming majority voted against the loss of Canterbury regional democracy that took place in 2010, so the question is how to stop such drastic change from happening again. Council candidate Phil Clearwater, the community board chairman, stepped forward. He was joined by residents' chair Rik Tindall, as a potential candidate seeking nomination, to complete the debating panel. Residents are urged to lodge individual submissions expressing their views:

As a guideline, three points of constitutional reform are being proposed in the Cashmere response so far:

1. Upgrade the Governor-General's role - That the Aotearoa New Zealand head-of-state office shall be filled by election and accountable to the citizens of the country, while still representing monarchy, as a constitution-protecting 'Tumuaki' (helm) or similar title, a chair of legal oversight here who is advised by the law profession as a whole.

2. That Maori elected representation proportional to population shall be mandatory in local government, for all city and regional councils, as a Treaty of Waitangi co-governance right exercised by those on the Maori electoral roll. (One councillor in 14 at Christchurch City Council or Canterbury Regional Council / ECan, e.g.)

3. That the Aotearoa New Zealand 'Tumuaki' shall be empowered to safeguard local democracy, under the Bill of Rights Act 1990, from centralising Government executive caprice, with the power to suspend or veto harmful legislative bills as they pass through Parliament; this being a more economical alternative to an Upper House, as franchise protection.

What are your views? Lodge them on the above or any related matter, at the link provided please. Thank you.


* 29 July, Monday 12:20pm, Cashmere Residents Association (CRA) spoke to our submission on Christchurch City Council's draft Local Alcohol Policy (LAP), which was to endorse it as tabled: "We are not here to bargain" on tighter or lesser controls, just get started with these please. We welcome support and involvement from Cashmere resident Dr Ruth Spearing, the Canterbury District Health Board presenter on the LAP, who will be our guest speaker at CRA AGM in October if our schedules can mesh.

* Civil Defence is looking for a team of volunteers who will become our ready-responders, with a local hall cup of tea, contact point and reassurance, in the event of emergency. Contact CRA Chair if willing to help please. Ref. Time to prepare for Alpine Fault quake, Fairfax NZ News, 23/07/2013 + The risk of the Alpine Fault, Campbell Live, 26/07/2013. Our first exercise of the Cashmere Community Civil Defence Plan will run with Cashmere Presbyterian Church Centre during Neighbourhood Week. CRA will work with any street or local community to help develop their civil defence plan and annual event too, so we pass on this notice for getting started:

Hello Everyone, we would appreciate it if you could forward the following information to members of your residents' groups. Applications close on Friday 23 August.

Neighbourhood Week - Friday 25 October to Sunday 3 November 2013

Christchurch City Council is currently promoting Neighbourhood Week 2013 which is all about communities where people support each other, keep an eye out for each other and give each other a helping hand.

Each year, the Community Boards set aside a fund for individuals and groups with great ideas to put together neighbourhood events such as barbecues, street parties, picnics, morning or afternoon teas, working bees, tree-planting days, kite-flying and community walks.

As part of its support for Neighbourhood Week, your local Community Board is making small subsidies available (for reimbursement after the event and following the presentation and approval of receipts). Please note that subsidies are not available for alcohol, fireworks or bouncy castles.

If your event is to be in a public space, e.g. a local park or reserve, you need to contact Christchurch City Council Bookings on 941 8888 to check availability and provide information about your event. This information may include a Health and Safety Plan or other event details. If you are holding your event in a public place within an area that is covered by the alcohol free by-law, then you may not have any alcohol present.

An application form and guidelines are attached. For ideas on planning and organising your event, please visit our website For enquiries, please phone the Council on 941 8999.

The Spreydon / Heathcote Community Board looks forward to receiving your application for Neighbourhood Week funding.

Applications close Friday, 23 August 2013 at 5pm.

Post completed applications to: Neighbourhood Week, Christchurch City Council, PO Box 73027, Christchurch 8154 or email to:

Application Form and Guidelines - 2013 Neighbourhood Week - Word Version .doc

Kind regards

Wendy Gunther
Strengthening Communities Administrator - Spreydon/Heathcote
Christchurch City Council
c/o PO Box 73027, Christchurch 8154
Phone: 941 8999

* Cashmere Green - CCC advise that "There is a strict management plan in place for that green as it is reserve. If any residents have concerns regarding people parking on the Green, they need to contact the Council on 941-8999 to report this."

* CRA Subscriptions 2012/13 - Association membership and
renewals, at the household rate of $5 per year, can be made via our Kiwibank a/c 389005.0688810.02 ~ Please notify deposit by email, for confirmation by our Treasurer, and a receipt will be issued if requested:

Until next time, thank you to our helpers and supporters, and enjoy the week :-)

Kind regards

Rik Tindall

CRA Chair, 332-1069

Cashmere Residents Association

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