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Cashmere News Diary: 5 August 2018 - pests workshop, CRA update, CREST on hold

Kia ora taatou. Ngaa mihi nui.

* 22 August, Wednesday 5pm - Consultation closes on Barrington Street safety improvements at Barrington Mall - Are you a frequent user of this carpark entry? Have a look at the diagram attached, for the many changes proposed to make the footpath safer for pedestrians by controlling vehicle traffic a lot more, and have your say -
Barrington Street safety improvements plan

Notices / updates

* 30 June - the Predator Free Port Hills trapping workshop in St Martins School Hall, run by Department of Conservation staff with the Summit Road Society and Mt Vernon Port Hills Park Trust, was very well attended - see pix below. St Martins School pupils received donated traps to start a new educational program. Our local Predator Free Cashmere project group is also found at - Steady progress is being made against the range of pest animals which became a torrent this winter; a weasel caught near mid Valley Road. Thank you very much to all contributors. Let us know if you are detecting pests and wish to join in organised control of them.
Predator Free Port Hills trapping workshop 300618
Predator Free Port Hills trapping workshop 300618

* Hot-water cylinder problems are being reported in a new wave, ascribed to chlorinated water this time - holds all CRA's information on this very local concern - feedback is welcome for writing further blog posts, noting ways of resolving hot water supply faults.

* Crib Card Game Club @ The Old Stone House - Monday afternoons - email: or cell: 021 047 4475

* Keep sending in your Cashmere area news for distribution!

* Neighbourhood Week - All Summer Long. Neighbourhood Week is back, for the entire summer - a small subsidy is available for local gatherings of neighbours, community, family groups or sports teams. Get Togethers held from 27 October 2018 to 31 March 2019 qualify for Community Board subsidies. Applications close Friday 7 September, 5pm. For more information, application forms, and great ideas visit:

* 23 May CRA Special General Meeting - was well attended, with the quorum adjourning by common agreement of residents and Committee, at 9:45pm due to tired sheer frustration, until June and "within three weeks" desirably. Consequent avoidance of this consensus decision, by the CRA Committee, leaves two options open to residents - another petition soon for another SGM, or to wait for the Annual General Meeting in October.

* Cashmere Residents' Association - what on Earth is going on? ...

This email confirms some service continues per normal, as per the previous seven years, but that Cashmere community will have to pick up the challenge if it wants CRA to continue: rebuild the organisation, at October Annual General Meeting or sooner. An understanding of what's gone wrong is needed for this, to establish foils against foils against the coherent, independent and self-determining community we have been until 2018. 'Powers that be' are dead set against independent community process and voice, like Cashmere has so long had, and derailed us from within - very shockingly.

Those currently claiming 'Secretary/Chair' CRA role control are a business partnership, longest serving on the Association - Leona M and Ralph R - and are wanting to extend their monopoly of CRA's bi-annual Newsletter to all communications. But Ms M has double-faulted (at the least) in attempting her coup, by allowing her personal political affiliation (to NZ Labour Party campaigning) to damage the Association very seriously with external agenda. Some consequences go to Disputes Tribunal this week, but, as several neighbours attest, non-appearance and defaulting on decisions are what to expect there - from long-running complaints against this pair and their on-site business enterprises (casting high tree debris, danger and shading, broken drain and irrigation spill onto neighbours' properties and rental vehicle stock on the street). The affected neighbours have long-rejected any involvement with CRA under said influence. And it gets worse.

Private historic differences with Cashmere Presbyterian Church (over heritage modification) led Leona and Ralph to scuttle the Red Cross project for emergency hub development there, as much as they could. Envy over relationships built up by CRA Chair there through CREST - the Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team - seems to have been the motivation, to break good relationships down by halting the 18 February Cashmere community picnic on Village Green outside the church. They found a powerful ally. In January the church minister crashed CRA committee meeting, with a hyper-inflated catering budget to claim for running the February lunch (inside the church hall that CRA had booked as rainy-day backup). Not accepting 'no' or any negotiation of a compromise sum, the minister joined Leona in attacking CREST project coordination (by CRA). You all know about the service collapse that followed disagreement over this community picnic, but not the inner dynamic..

The church minister is equally compromised as Leona and Ralph, with Presbyterian leadership doing the dirty work for the Labour Party in Cashmere. Why? It is a quid pro quo, where Presbyterian help for local Labour domination is rewarded with community board grants for church public events. A corruption by any other name. The lot simply cannot abide any community growth that they cannot control and take credit for. Not only have these Labour affiliates stopped valid community work in emergency preparedness, as then led by CRA, they have similarly withheld funding for the predator control work that was supported - as local resilience network building - in the 2017/18 Red Cross grant gained towards CREST work. They have no right and they have set the community back, in their own self interest.

CREST has had to be suspended while CRA reviews its many contributions to CREST response planning (such as current email network and website communications media) and the dirty politics dividing CRA have also crept in there. Cashmere Primary Te Pae Kereru leadership is compromised like the church's, siding with the overt Labour affiliate bullying within CRA, it would seem.

If you come across any indication that CREST meetings and consensus process are not suspended, that the CREST response plan is somehow currently operable, then this is false - it in an expression of Labour affiliate takeover (expulsion of independent CRA lead) within CREST. That lie, of church and school Labour affiliates continuing as CREST - exploiting the Cashmere Residents' association name and years of work - is what most damns them. They have no clue over what community response entails and are the explanation of why there is none, why voluntary civil defence has become so weakened, because their party domination of community roles and elected positions is really all they care about - maintaining and extending financial control, for their own ends.

Cashmere's dramatic experience is an indictment of Christchurch city governance. The Labour stranglehold at community board level equally warps some staff, siding them with inequity and iniquity.

(With this the reality at community ground level, is it any wonder that superficial polished image equates to governance at national level?)

If the CRA Committee were adequately broad and unbiased, some there would know how to pick up a telephone and hear out any small difference, for heading off unnecessary internal division. But this has not been the case in 2018.

* Suspension of CREST - the Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team and its Cashmere Community Response Plan are now shelved indefinitely, inoperable, pending further notice. This is unfortunate but unavoidable, for a number of reasons. The CREST plan has Cashmere Residents' Association integral to its development, publicity and performance, that are currently made impossible. Some other group and plan may arise in CREST's place though. Cashmere community response must be united and independent, fit for purpose, or it is likely to be nothing at all.

Stay warm and safe this late winter / early spring. Kia kaha.

Kind regards

Rik Tindall

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