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Cashmere News Diary: 6 May 2018 - Special General Meeting

Greetings all Cashmere Residents' Association members. A very warm welcome to our new members and email subscribers of the past two weeks. Some updates:

* Cashmere Yoga classes - Hello, Could you please in your next newsletter advise that we do have space available in the Friday morning class due to a few of our regulars wintering overseas. The class is going really well with great dedication and progress from participants. My contact details are: PH or text 0220125005 Email - Thank you for your support, Dakota

* 16 May, Wednesday 7:30pm - Cashmere Residents' Association (CRA) Special General Meeting (SGM) booking, at Cashmere Presbyterian Centre hall, 2 MacMillan Ave - a petition has been lodged with CRA Committee, requiring an SGM by Friday 25 May. Notification of any change of SGM date will be made available via this channel. More background to the News Diary of 24 April, should you have time available to assist CRA, is:

Post-earthquakes, the Cashmere Residents' Association has steadily rebuilt itself - thank you for the very solid community support. Organisational recovery has been modest but steady, with usually two public meetings and newsletters per year; anything more has been a real stretch for us, as has proved the case this year. Quite healthy until 2018, CRA now suffers severe growth pain. The need for community cohesion and mutual support, through our agency and collective voice, is clearly there. What a residents' association can contribute to local quality of life is only limited by the imagination, and by its internal infrastructure.

Prior to the earthquakes, a modern vision of community organising had incorporated gender equity - abandoning constitutional norm to appoint two co-conveners, female and male. But one left, before too long, and the other lasted until domestic earthquake repairs swamped them. So in early 2012, after a year on Committee with the IT support function, I was invited to be Association Chair. Thank you for that real honour. It took some time to decide, being quite new to such experience, but I accepted as all the work entailed could be made ready sense of: the old Chair and Secretary functions had been merged, through the single (Co-)Convener left to hand on the role(s). Most of the paperwork and communication tools were in one place, and a new Treasurer (who had joined Committee in 2011 too) was doing well. (CRA is now onto its third Treasurer since 2011.)

Since 2012, as Chair I have been steadily returning CRA to its more regular constitutional basis, of legally prescribed and separated governance roles. But the transition is incomplete, the work distribution is out of balance. This has bitten us hard now, in that the nominated Secretary sees it necessary to dispose of the Chair they had supported and replace them with a close personal partner to fulfill the Secretary role. In itself, that is wrong. On top of wrong has built up a string of bad decisions, misdirection and highly unnecessary drama. The Committee has no choice now but to report to you, the membership community, on its functioning - or not.

Complicated. To be brief, at the apex of fault this past week is that a very incorrect financial report has been uploaded to the Companies Office, Registrar of Incorporated Societies, without authorisation. It is required that the Committee gain agreement of the CRA membership, through a general meeting, for the annual report it makes. The signed submission declaration says falsely that this step is already complete.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) last October did not have a written agenda, or discussion of the 2016/17 financial report made at available at that time - administrative dexterity has been short. So CRA needs a Special General Meeting now, to look at passing the 2016/17 financial report for correct upload by the June reporting deadline. The documents from the previous, 24 April News Diary are attached again - with the 31 August 2017 CRA bank statement, for the report figures to be matched against, this time. Print the documents to bring to SGM if you have any questions.

A full audit of the CRA accounts is due, by this coming October AGM. But if the SGM lacks confidence in any of the reporting attached herein, it may request one sooner.

To see what has wrongly been given to the Companies Office, on your behalf for CRA, see and search organisation number 697181.

24 April News Diary extract:

Do you have the time and skills to be a Chairperson, a Secretary, a Treasurer or a Committee member for the Association? CRA could use your help. Do come along, all CRA members interested in getting things moving for Cashmere community again. In need of members' decision are two innovative projects, that CRA has been developing to meet perceived need: 1. a Cashmere community emergency response plan, built through CREST (the Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team to operate a community hub at the Presbyterian Centre in an emergency);* and 2. Cashmere Predator-Free community coordination of non-toxic and humane trapping control of pest animals.**

Attached for your review, assent or otherwise, are: 1. the Red Cross project application that CRA was granted funding from, to enable us to manage the above two project descriptions for six months from August 2017 - the two files Application-form-$8000-Cashmere-draft3-180817.pdf and Southwest-Newsletter-Grant-Application-Form-Cashmere-draft2-210817.pdf, and; 2. our October 2017 AGM reporting that includes the Red Cross project - the two files CRA-Annual-Accounts-2017.pdf and CRA-Treasurer's-Committee-Report-9.17.pdf

Also at the May SGM, the Association Committee should answer its Valley Road members, who are facing extraordinary safety, security and neighbourhood support challenges this year.

It has been wonderful giving service to Cashmere; thank you for the opportunity. Long may our progress together continue. Stay warm and safe, a happy autumn to you all.

Kind regards


CRA Chair/Convener at 2017 AGM
Committee member since 2011, 2018 by dispute


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