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Cashmere News Diary: 7 March 2015 - CCC Representation Review and Long Term Plan

* 9 March, Monday 5pm-7pm - Public Workshop on Christchurch City Council Representation Review, in the Boardroom, Beckenham Service Centre, 66 Colombo Street, Cashmere - see poster below, and more info here: =
- What council ward area should include Cashmere, and how many city councillors should there be for Christchurch? These are the main questions to be answered, this year, through the 6-yearly Representation Review done as a central government requirement.
- Put simply, the merging of Banks Peninsula into the City under Sir Bob Parker, now has to be properly completed - with the same representation ratio for citizens all over the area, at variance +/- 10% maximum, consistent with The Local Electoral Act 2001.
- The Local Government Commission requires that Banks Peninsula cannot retain its current disproportionate representation of one councillor for 8,241 residents, when one councillor for around 24,000-33,000 residents is the norm in every other Christchurch City ward area, which is also now too wide a range. The ward boundaries have to be redrawn so that an average representation number is arrived at and each new ward maintains it, plus or minus 10% at most. With earthquake red-zones shifting large chunks of population since the last Representation Review was done, clearly much in the City's political map now has to change too. So the question is, in what way?
- Some draft map options can be seen on 9 March and commented on. For example, if the two Akaroa and Lyttelton community board areas are separated and added to existing wards to the east and the west of Christchurch, then Banks Peninsula could go from one councillor to four councillors with responsibilities to more managably-sized mixed urban/rural areas. Akaroa could then gain more of the independent representation it is seeking, attached to the fast-growing south-west Christchurch. This change would increase or decrease the total councillor number from 13 to 14 or 12 (depending on creation or not of the proposed new central city ward), plus the City Mayor - a modest and cost-effective amendment that retains ward boundaries and community associations most closely to those which we currently have. Our current 'Spreydon/Heathcote' ward, e.g, could be kept mostly intact this way.
- But an option of more radical change will also be offered, through an increase of councillor numbers to up to 21. This would require division of current ward boundaries, to create smaller ward areas from which these 21 would then be elected. In this scenario Cashmere gets divided from our neighbours in Lower Cashmere, Hoon Hay. Somerfield, Spreydon and Beckenham, along the Opawaho/Heathcote river line. (Initially half of Addington and half of Sydenham were to be absorbed into a new, expansive central city ward, as part of this proposal, but that idea seems likely to have been dropped after feedback.)
- Our question must be, is the second option good or not? - for hillside residents to be cut off from traditional associates on the flat land and be drawn into a new, wide 'Port Hills ward' to the sea, with the whole of Banks Peninsula added in with us? There would be three councillors for this one enlarged hills area, if adopted. Spreydon itself would be cut into three new wards in this transforming scenario, though united amidst a community board grown to 6 members. The increased cost to rate-payers, of paying 21 councillors and 20% added community board members, must also be considered. Greater representation, at a finer level of local election, is the significant gain being aimed at here.
- This meeting on 9 March is to help finalise the draft maps that will go out for consultation later this year. Your feedback is very important. These are the current ward/community board areas, that will change to a greater or lesser extent: ~ Come and have your say!
CCC Spreydon Heathcote Rep Review public meeting invite 9Mar15

* 18 March, Wednesday 7.30pm - Cashmere Residents' Association committee meeting, deadline for April Newsletter content, all input welcome - contact CRA Chair.

* 24 March, Tuesday 7.30pm - Barrington Issues Group, Whareora Community House, 8 Athelstan Street, Spreydon - looks at urban density, public transport, crime prevention, safety, etc. matters around our local mall / Key Activity Centre shops. All welcome.

* 25 March, Wednesday 1.30pm - CREST - Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team - our local preparedness group meets at Cashmere Presbyterian Centre, 2 Macmillan Ave - last Wednesday of each month except Dec-Jan. Local volunteer skills and resources inter-network. Writing the draft Cashmere Community Response Plan. Input invited. Ref.

* 27 March, Friday 10.30am-12pm - Friends of Sydenham Heritage Trust, meets at Sydenham Community Centre, 25 Hutcheson Street, to rebuild a community heritage memorial space at old Wesleyan church site. All welcome.

* 28-29 March, Piece of Cake weekend / Neighbours Day Aotearoa - Knowing Your Neighbour is a Piece of Cake 2015 - "This year we can offer you:
- Connecter postcards (left over from last year) that we'd like to make available to communities. These have 5 spaces to add your neighbours' contact details to keep in touch (a sample of the design is attached in this email)
- Posters for your shop front, office and any public spaces
- A refreshed video to share via your online channels - as a reminder, last year's video is available for viewing here:
- The knowledge that more and more community organisations are sharing the message that knowing your neighbour is a piece of cake!
What we would love from you:
- Your ideas on simple and accessible ways to get communities and neighbourhoods together - what tricks can you share that we can pass on?
- Your enthusiasm to get the ball rolling in your work place or community space over Piece of Cake weekend
- Your stories of how good neighbours make great neighbourhoods
The Neighbourhood Project is a collaborative expression for the churches across Christchurch to engage in community activities, with a focus on building stronger neighbourhoods. Partners include All Right? Civil Defence, New Zealand Red Cross, Christchurch Baking Army, CERA and Christchurch City Council. The Neighbourhood Project fits within the kaupapa of Te Raranga, an expression of church unity in Christchurch."

* April Cashmere Newsletter, and Cashmere Community Meeting at Cashmere Presbyterian Centre re Council draft Long-Term Plan etc, date to be confirmed but provisionally 21 April from 7pm. Ref.


* Premises to Rent
Church House at Cashmere Presbyterian Church in Christchurch is currently undergoing EQC repairs, and will then be available for rental from approximately 1st April.. Prior to upgrading the church facilities a few years ago this was used as the church offices and additional spaces for congregational activities. Whilst it has more recently been rented out as a residential property, with three good bedrooms, a two-roomed study, and a large separate Lounge, this property also lends itself to use as offices or consulting rooms. Expressions of interest are invited for the use of this property for either professional or residential use, and we would especially be interested to hear from non-profit, charitable, or church related groups. Please contact the Cashmere Presbyterian Church office on (03) 3327129 or for more details.

* Build Back Smarter free advice on making their homes warmer, drier, healthier and cheaper to run. Homeowners simply need to contact a Build Back Smarter provider, who will arrange to visit and prepare a Healthy Home Improvement Plan tailored to the homeowner's needs and budget. This will include advice about insulation, heating, ventilation and lighting. The providers can also provide advice on eligibility for any grants that may be available such as EECA's Warm Up NZ: Healthy Homes insulation programme. Build Back Smarter is available to all homeowners and landlords in the Greater Christchurch area. We especially encourage people to get a Healthy Home Improvement Plan in advance of any outstanding earthquake repairs. Build Back Smarter flyer can be found here:

* Garden City 2.0 - company provides a not-for-profit service in Christchurch, delivering fresh, locally grown organic produce. Recently set up a pickup point on Cashmere Hill at the Emperor's New Clothes Cafe. +

* Graffiti clean ups from and join a volunteer team here:

* A very big thank you to all Cashmere Residents and CREST community partners: Cashmere Primary School, Cashmere Presbyterian Church, Christchurch City Council CDEM, Canterbury Neighbourhood Support, Kidsfirst Cashmere Kindergarten, Kaizuka Eatery and Garden Bar, Cup Cafe, Elevate Bar and Function Centre, Emporers New Clothes Cafe, Cashmere Super Dairy, Swanlake Lotus at Siam Healthcare Spa emergency spring water source, Cracroft-Chase Vineyard, Quick Stop Liquor, Out in the Wild cordials of Hanmer, and to all our local volunteers and supporters - Thank you very much!

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Best wishes for the autumn season.

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