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Find out the stats and figures about Cashmere's population. This report provide the 2006 Census of Population and Dwellings information relating to Cashmere. It covers a variety of census variables including housing, education, income, occupation and qualifications. This data is at Cashmere and city wide level.

This is available as a single report or can be downloaded as separate sections.

More detailed statistics and reports on Christchurch can be found at the links below. These have been listed by date of publication.


Statistics New Zealand Census 2006


Christchurch City Council Christchurch City Fact Pack 2007

The Fact Pack 2007 is a brief summary of information relating to Christchurch's history, population, natural and physical environment, as well as aspects of the City's economy.


Christchurch City Council Monitoring Community Outcomes [page deprecated]
This website reports on the headline and key indicators identified for each of Christchurch's nine Community Outcomes.

Liability Statement

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in processing, analysing and reporting the information provided in the reports. However, the Cashmere Residents' Group gives no warranty that the information in these reports contain no errors. The Cashmere Residents' Group shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered consequent upon the use directly, or indirectly, of the information supplied in this publication.


Reproduction of Material

Any table or other material published in these reports may be reproduced provided that acknowledgment is made to the original data source where appropriate.


[end of Cashmere Vision & Values project, 2009]


Cashmere profile cont'd

Spreydon Heathcote Ward Overview - Community profiles - Christchurch City Council, November 2013
- includes Cashmere dataset.

Cashmere in the News

Portugal meets Cashmere Pam Elliott has brought a piece of Portugese summer to a small corner of Cashmere - Press 28/07/2011 + Inside Cashmere Cuisine Kurt Robinson did his butchery apprenticeship at Cashmere Cuisine and now he owns the joint : 18 Colombo St - The Press 25/08/2011 + Cashmere make history A new name, a new coach and a few fresh-faced signings have propelled the young Cashmere Technical team to the top of the Mainland premier football league - The Press 01/04/2012 + Cashmere show way in Mainland league 10/04/2012 + Cashmere prove too sparky for Suburbs - Nelson Mail 09/04/2012 + Northwood properties outprice Fendalton, Cashmere placed third - The Press 18/03/2013 + Locals are crazy about Cashmere "Just 10 minutes from the city centre, Cashmere is a hot spot for those looking for a change of scenery without straying too far into the countryside and an ideal area in which to escape during a weekend" feature Avenues 27/09/2013 + see our Cashmere News Diary 16Mar2013, 20Mar2013 ...


Graphic & extract source: The Press, 18/03/2013


Ministry of Justice Profile of the Sydenham Police Area


Political context

Residents' Associations - formation and recognition policy - Christchurch City Council, 2001

General guidelines
(a) That Community Boards decide boundaries for Residents' Associations taking their views into account in doing so.
(c) That Community Boards and Council officers need to consult in a manner that is timely and appropriate for community and Residents' Groups.
(d) That Residents' Groups recognised by the Council must be able to demonstrate that they have good communication processes in place with their members and the community. This may be as simple as a regular newsletter containing relevant information (e.g. disseminating information, encouraging or inviting community input). Such groups are not elected representatives of their neighbourhood but are a valuable source of input into the Council decision-making processes.
(e) That the Community and Recreation Unit undertakes to organise a minimum of two annual forums for Residents' Groups across ward areas. The content of these forums to be defined by the groups.
(g) That a resource manual be developed for Residents' Groups, that includes clear advice on Council processes and other relevant information.
(h) That a formula for resourcing groups through an annual grant be developed.
(i) That the Community and Recreation Unit, through the annual budget round, allocate funding which the Unit administers (based on the formula to be developed) for the purpose of a small annual grant to recognised Residents' Groups.
(j) That consistent city-wide accountability measures be developed.
(Consideration of clauses (b) and (f) was deferred).

(a) That the Christchurch City Council supports the formation of local Residents' Groups.
(b) That local Residents' Groups be able to apply to their Community Board for recognition as an official Residents' Group.
(c) That Community Boards decide boundaries for Residents' Associations taking their views into account when doing so.
(d) That official Residents' Groups receive the right to be consulted along with other relevant community groups by the Council on all works and services planned within their boundaries.
(e) That official Residents' Groups be eligible for a small annual grant (according to an agreed formula).
(f) That Council staff and elected members use the Seeking Community Views Policy and Policy Guidelines when consulting with Residents' Groups and other relevant community groups.
(g) That the Council support[s] communication within and between Residents' Groups.
(h) That the Council seek[s] to foster a positive working relationship with Residents' Groups and other relevant community groups.
Note: Items (b) and (f) have been deferred pending consideration of the Seeking Community Views Policy by the Community Services Committee.

23 August 2001

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