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The Cashmere Residents' Association, with the support of the Spreydon/Heathcote Community Board has completed an exercise planned to gain an understanding of what the residents of Cashmere value and then to define a vision of the future.


With that vision the CRA will be better able to advocate on your behalf. Beyond that, with wide community involvement in the exercise, the vision will be useful to other institutions (school, churches, clubs) in the area as they seek to plan for the future as well.


The process was one of community involvement and the outcome shows the depth and breadth of input we obtained.


This exercise has not been undertaken in Christchurch before and if it works well, then the process will be replicated in other communities.


The project was facilitated by Mary Richardson, our project manager who has extensive experience in community engagement.


Over the last year (2008) we

  • Asked you for feedback

  • Held community meetings and events

  • Gathered information and data

  • Talked to local groups

We have analysed the findings from our data gathering, consultation and research and have now posted the final report. Also we generated an extensive submission on the Long Term Council Community Plan (2009; 6.5MB pdf).




Lost continuity due to committee turnover and earthquakes etc. - Vision and Values project stalled, temporarily?




Stage 2 of Cashmere Vision and Values project could require:

  • Resourcing of a CRA co-ordinator, to:

  • Facilitate CRA correspondence & formal responses to council matters and residents' concerns

  • Accomodate an archive of CRA papers, for

  • The research and writing of "A History of Cashmere Residents' Association" - to know where we are going we must know where we have come from - source more AGM records *

  • Maintain the online CRA capacity - website and email list updates - promote use, present complete record

  • Start a third annual newsletter and meeting round - for April, like in July and October - that engages residents with the city and regional councils' planning cycle

  • Undertake earthquake recovery initiatives for the area, such as:

  • Meeting more local residents, services and businesses; work to add value & optimise collective outcomes

  • A "Cashmere Community Diary" of local events, as a six-monthly wall-planner perhaps, funded through local advertising (?), or via email

  • Organise volunteer days for street clean-ups and plantings etc. (?) Initiate a "Cashmere Community Centre"

  • Take up the Neighbourhood Week Nov13 support from council and initiate participatory local street event/s

  • * Interviews (oral history recordings?) with previous CRA member participants, to inform project restart:

"In the early 1970s the Cashmere Residents' Association was incorporated as a means of passing onto the Heathcote County Council, via the Councillors representing the Cashmere ward, the concerns of hill residents about public amenities. The association later lapsed, but in the early 1990s it was revived, partly as a result of having new means of expressing local concerns to the authorities, via the Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board. That board had been formed as part of the drastic overhaul of local government all over the country in 1989, in which the county of Heathcote disappeared, being amalgamated with the city of Christchurch. ... sense of identity gained from living in a district with defined boundaries.. community atmosphere was not as pervasive as in the past.. important role of the Cashmere Community Centre in the Old Stone House" before it became Cracroft Community Centre in 1979, after a 1971 fire closed the building - John Small, Here on the hill : a century of Cashmere's primary school and community, Christchurch, 2000, pp. 8, 23-24, 169. N.B. The Cracroft Community Centre was again closed, in 2011 pending earthquake repair, due to reopen Dec 2013.

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